Medium 'predicted dad's death' at 11 and claims message from a teenage murder victim led police to her body

Renowned medium Helen Parry Jones, from Wales, says she has been able to connect to the souls of the dead since she was four years old, thanks to a “spirit guide” called Sam.

And she claims that Wrexham teenager Anna Humphreys, who disappeared in 1988, at the age of 15, came to her during her first public performance – flanked by Moors Murder victim Pauline Reade.

She told Fabulous: “It was the most horrific thing I’ve ever experienced, because Anna came on stage with another spirit entity which was a little girl.

“Anna grabbed my arm and a feeling of absolute terror and feeling just flooded through me.

"It floored me and I crumpled on the stage. I was so young at the time and this is the reason that I don’t do a lot of public performances.”

Helen said that, unbeknownst to her, a policeman who was investigating Anna’s disappearance was sitting in the audience.

“Anna pointed to a man in the audience but he kept saying he had nothing to do with it.

“Eventually he revealed he was with the CID and working on Anna’s case.

“Then, on stage in front of 200 people, the spirit witness Anna came through with another girl called Pauline Reade, who was a victim of the Moors Murders. Anna relayed all this information that couldn’t possible have been known by anyone.

“The man begged me to end the performance, and said ‘Nobody knows any of these details, please come and have a break and I’ll take down the details that you’ve got’.

“Three days later they found her body, and it was as I had described, word for word on the stage.”

Anna’s body was found in the Severn river and farmworker David Evans was later convicted of her murder.

But Helen says that’s not the only murder case she has been involved in.

Helen added: “I don’t court murder cases but they come to me.

“I was involved with a lady called Trevaline Evans, who disappeared in 1990, but they never found the body.

"There was a seance I did with the police and family and friends who were all present in the room, and they recorded it and they constructed a Crimewatch from that.

“From the word go I said to them ‘you will never ever find this body as there isn’t a body to be found’, and to this day they never have found it.

Helen claims she had her first supernatural experience at the age of four and at 11, she predicted her father would die at 50.

Although she said she already felt she had healing powers, her mum refused to let her use them on her dad.

“My father was ill from a very early age and when I was 11 I had a premonition that he was going to die aged 50,” said Helen.

“I confronted my mother and said ‘I really need to heal my dad’ – and she absolutely blew her top.

“She said, ‘You cannot discuss this with your father, you cannot bring it up with me, I never want that subject to be talked about in this house ever again!’

“But for me it was this overwhelming sense of responsibility and that the person I loved so dearly was very poorly and was going to become even more poorly and how could I help them?”

Mum-of-four Helen, who lives in Wales with husband Richard, said her mum finally came round to her work as a healing therapist shortly before she herself died of cancer, 18 months after Helen’s dad died aged 50.

And she believes her mum tried to contact her to warn her not to fly to the Caribbean – where she suffered acute peritonitis and almost died.

“I had been run down and was still grieving for my parents and my doctor suggested a holiday.

“Before I had got on the plane I had kept getting this message saying ‘your daughter is going to die’, and of course I panicked because I thought it was my own daughter but all my family kept saying ‘of course nothing is going to happen to her’.

“I now think it was my mother trying to say that her daughter was going to die.

“Three days after I arrived on holiday I developed peritonitis. There had just been a hurricane and the medical facility on the island was a clinic that delivered babies and really didn’t have any theatre.”

Doctors wanted to fly her to Miami for treatment but first she needed an X-ray in the clinic “in the middle of a chicken field”.

“By the time they got them, I was so seriously ill that they couldn’t put me in the air and had to operate.

“The clinic was very basic. I even had to go in and put my own mask on my face and we had to bribe someone to get clean medical equipment so that I could have the operation.

“I was so terrified because they were very basic facilities and I knew I was dying.

“Then a fisherman came to me in spirit and said my mum had given him a message, ‘stay and have the operation. You’ll be alright’.”

Helen, who now uses her gift in an attempt to treat both mental and physical illness, has written a book about her incredible life.

Beyond Boundaries by Helen Parry Jones is published 26th April 2018 by Aurora Publishing and can be bought on Amazon or ordered from book shops.

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