Meghan Markle latest news – Prince Harry & Duchess told to TEAR UP £100m Netflix deal over The Crown's Diana portrayal

PRINCE Harry is being urged to ditch his £100million Netflix deal over The Crown’s portrayal of his mother — after her pal quit the series calling it “disrespectful”.

The Duke of Sussex was told to break his silence on the streaming giant’s controversial depiction of Princess Diana, despite his own big-money contract with them.

It came after Jemima Khan, 47, Diana’s close confidante, walked out of her advisory role on the show and demanded her name be removed from credits.

She said her friend’s story was not being “told as respectfully or compassionately as I had hoped” and asked for her contributions to be cut from the show.

Angela Levin, author of Harry: A Biography of a Prince, has said: “Harry has remained absolutely silent about Netflix.

"He should tear the deal up and make a stand for his mother… What’s more important? Money or defending his mum? It’s astonishing he can’t find his voice on this," she added.

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  • Louis Allwood

    When did Princess Diana die?

    Princess Diana – Diana Frances Spencer – died on August 31, 1997, after suffering fatal injuries in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris.

    The tunnel is located in the heart of the French capital next to the River Seine.

    Her companion Dodi Fayed and driver and security guard Henri Paul were also killed in the crash.

    Diana’s bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones survived with horrific injuries.

  • Louis Allwood

    Meghan’s ex-husband welcomes daughter

    Trevor, who was married to the Duchess of Sussex from 2011-2013, is celebrating being a father again after his new wife Tracey gave birth to a baby girl.

    And the baby shares the same first name as a recent royal arrival.

    “World, meet baby girl Sienna Lee Engelson… my wife is a gangster!” Trevor, 44, wrote on his private Instagram account.

    Sienna is the name given to Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi‘s baby who was born earlier this year.

  • Louis Allwood

    Lilibet to make history

    Lilibet is ‘going to be the first ever American princess’ claims a royal author.

    Royal biographer Andrew Morton in his biography “Meghan and the Unmasking of the Monarchy” has pointed out that Lilibet is “going to be the first ever American princess”.

    He added “I think America will embrace her as an American princess.”

    Morton feels that the Sussexes children in the US will continue to capture the attention, even if Archie was born in the UK.

  • John Hall

    Can’t hide true feelings

    A BODY language expert has claimed that he knows Prince Harry’s true feelings towards the Royal family after he made a gesture at the end of his Oprah Winfrey interview.

    Speaking on his YouTube channel, Jesus Enrique Rosas said Harry began to laugh as the credits started, before catching himself and allegedly mimicking sadness.

    He said: “You’ll be surprised by how someone’s real attitude and emotions can show when they think the cameras are not rolling anymore. And, Harry and Meghan are not an exception.

    “Saying that Harry was forced to do this [interview] doesn’t make sense, because how come he was laughing at the end?

    “So, going back to the clip at the end of Oprah’s interview and after doing a systemic analysis of intentions, and what has happened since then – realising that Harry has been absolutely in control of his actions all this time.”

  • John Hall

    A big decision for the Royal

    According to Royal biographer Andrew Morton, his new book Meghan and the Unmasking of the Monarchy claims the duo decided to leave the UK years before Megxit.

    He said: “For Harry, it was either Meghan or the monarchy.”

    Morton said that Meghan talked about the fact that: “people hate me just because I’m breathing. What’s the point of continuing?

    “She had some pretty dark nights of the soul in the times that she was a member of the Royal Family.”

    Regardless, Mr Morton feels Prince Harry’s decision to leave the Firm was influenced by Princess Diana’s death.

    “He’s trying to protect Meghan in the way that he couldn’t protect Diana, and I think that’s very deeply embedded in his psychology.”

  • John Hall

    Move to US ‘did William a favour’

    According to royal biographer Andrew Morton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to move to California and bring up their children away from the rest of the Royal Family has done Charles and William a favour.

    Morton has updated his biography “Meghan and the Unmasking of the Monarchy” which looks at the path taken by the Duchess of Sussex to where she is today as a Californian mum of two.

    Morton has said that while Harry now tries to project a more humble image in the US, it is clearly not the case but he does feel that the Sussexes have made it easy for plans to slim down the monarchy by moving out of the way.

    “I think that the narrative that they’d like to project is that they arrived in Los Angeles with a couple of suitcases and a cuddly toy and that was it,” Morton told

    He also said: “I think the reality is that they’ve been planning this move to Hollywood for some time, not necessarily where they were going to live.”

  • John Hall

    ‘I’m not a politician’

    Megan has insisted that the plea was sent as an American and a “mum” and not a politician. 

    She wrote in her letter: “I’m not an elected official, and I’m not a politician. I am, like many, an engaged citizen and a parent. 

    “And because you and your congressional colleagues have a role in shaping family outcomes for generations to come, that’s why I’m writing to you at this deeply important time – as a mom – to advocate for paid leave.”

    America currently has no system for paid parental leave, although President Joe Biden has vowed to introduce it.

  • John Hall

    Buckingham Palace Champion trees

    Buckingham Palace have revealed that the gardens within London have registered 24 National Champion Trees.

    The gardens within the grounds of Buck Palace are a ‘haven’ for biodiversity.

    All champion trees are ‘exceptional’ examples of their species.

    Among the 24 trees include a Juneberry tree given to the Queen on her 85th birthday as well as a rare Rotterdam Oak Tree which was planted by Her Majesty in 1989.

  • John Hall

    Queen still looking forward to ‘hosting family’

    The Mirror Online has reported that The Queen had been hoping to spend the weekend at Sandringham and was “delighted” doctors gave her the all-clear to travel. 

    A source said: “Her Majesty is very much looking forward to hosting her family at her Norfolk home for the Christmas holiday and there is much preparation to be done in time to accommodate everyone who has been invited.

    “The Queen has many happy memories of being at Sandringham with the family over Christmas and was in the firm belief that she was far better off being there in person to oversee everything as much as possible.”

  • John Hall

    Will Harry ditch his Netflix deal?

    Prince Harry is being urged to ditch his £100million Netflix deal after his late mothers pal has ditched the show as an advisor.

    Jemima Khan, 47, Diana’s close confidante, has left the show after she was helping in an advisory role, however she felt her friends story was not being “told as respectfully or compassionately as I had hoped” and asked for her contributions to be cut from the show.

    It will be interesting to see whether he will stand his ground and refuse to work with Netflix after the controversial depiction of Princess Diana.

  • John Hall

    Royal rejection

    Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor, the Queen’s granddaughter, looks set to reject the chance to become a working royal when she turns 18 tonight as she plans to focus on something else.

    The daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie, can now choose from today whether to become HRH, take a title and become a working royal.

    But the teenager who is 16th in line to the throne is set to put off the decision as she plans to go to university.

    Insiders say Louise is instead planning to continue her studies rather than become a working royal.

    In June last year mum Sophie Wessex said: “She’s working hard and will do A-levels. I hope she goes to university. I wouldn’t force her, but if she wants to. She’s quite clever.”

    Read more here.

  • John Hall

    The Crown’s screenwriters in backstage bust-up over Princess Diana’s portrayal

    THE screenwriters who tackled the romantic entanglements of Diana, Princess of Wales in The Crown have been involved in a backstage bust-up over her portrayal in the new series.

    Jemima Khan, a close front of Princess Diana‘s, was brought in to help Peter Morgan – the Netflix series creator – write the script detailing the last years before her death in a car crash in Paris in 1997.

    However, she has now revealed that she pulled out of the project after claiming that the portrayal of Diana’s story was not being handled “as respectfully or compassionately as I had hoped”. 

    Khan and Morgan were briefly linked romantically, but broke up earlier this year.

    She said she was asked by Morgan to help write the forthcoming fifth series in 2019. 

    Before taking to the script role, Khan revealed: “It was really important to me that the final years of my friend’s life be portrayed accurately and with compassion, as has not always happened in the past”.

  • John Hall

    ‘What’s more important? Money or defending his mum?’

    Following the controversy of how Diana has been portrayed in the new Netflix season of ‘The Crown’ a royal author has blasted Harry’s silence.

    Angela Levin, author of Harry: A Biography of a Prince, has said: “Harry has remained absolutely silent about Netflix.

    “He should tear the deal up and make a stand for his mother.

    “What’s more important? Money or defending his mum? It’s astonishing he can’t find his voice on this.”

    The Crown’s fifth series — screened in November next year — will focus on Diana’s final years before her death in a Paris car crash in 1997.

  • John Hall

    What was Princess Diana’s ‘revenge dress’?

    On June 29, 1994, the princess wore a little black dress to a dinner at the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens.

    It featured a plunging neckline and thigh-high split – and was a sexier look than she had ever stepped out in before at an official function.

    The royal, then 33, had deliberately chosen to wear the frock on the same night that her estranged husband, Prince Charles, admitted to adultery during their marriage in a TV interview.

    According to her biographer Andrew Morton, she had been planning on wearing a Valentino number, but was left irritated when they sent out a premature press release.

    She initially feared the LBD – by designer Christina Stambolian – was “too daring”.

    But her eventual wardrobe choice was a triumph – and the next day her glamorous image made the cover of national newspapers, including The Sun.

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