Meghan Markle reclaims her laidback pre-Royal style with these five subtle moves

MEGHAN Markle is reclaiming her pre-royal fashion as she returns to her LA roots after stepping down from the royal family. 

The Duchess of Sussex, 39, has used five subtle style moves to make the transition from formal royal to laid-back Californian.

Fashion stylist Lucas Armitage told Fabulous the duchess has shunned her “uncomfortable royal uniform” and has now returned to her pre-palace wardrobe. 

Speaking to Fabulous, Lucas said: “She never fully seemed comfortable with the modest dresses and structured hair that replaced her previous easy breezy style LA vibe.

“Sure, Meghan played by the rules and looked immaculately turned out, but her new royal style seemed such a departure from her old life I always wondered if she actually enjoyed wearing the clothes or if they were just her royal uniform.”

Here’s the five fashion shifts Meghan has made to feel more like herself….

The ‘Meg-a hat’

Yesterday, Meghan was seen speaking to activist Gloria Steinem, and the duchess looked chic in a large straw hat from Janessa Leone.

The £298 Serena hat, which is available to pre-order now, echoes back to Meghan’s pre-royal days on Instagram.

The sun-soaking actress shared numerous shots of her many travels, wearing a range of hats.

Open-toe shoes

For her chat with Gloria, Meghan donned a pair of Stella McCartney Rhea sandals which exposed her toes – something royals typically steer clear of in public. 

Etiquette expert William Hanson explained to Harper’s Bazaar: "Open-toed shoes are considered informal footwear and inappropriate for formal occasions".

Sandal-loving Californian Meghan did wear open-toed shoes in her acting days, but shifted to closed-toed footwear for nearly all her engagements after marrying Prince Harry.

Leg-showing shorts

Meghan and Prince Harry were recently pictured handing out nappies and backpacks as they volunteered for a back-to-school charity event.

Both wearing face coverings, they also distributed supplies and clothes at a drive-through run by Los Angeles charity Baby2Baby, which provides basic necessities for families in need.

They were dressed casually for the outing, with Meghan sporting loose khaki shorts with a white shirt and trainers, and Harry going for a similar look.

Although she was regularly seen in shorts on her Instagram when she starred in Suits, she was rarely seen in the garment after joining the royals. 

Typically royal women wear skirts and dresses for engagements, and according to Harper’s Bazaar, they should never be “more than three or four inches above her knee.”

Baseball caps

During lockdown, the couple were pictured holding hands in a loved-up display as they delivered food to LA locals in need during the coronavirus crisis.

Meghan and Harry donned face masks and caps as they delivered free meals in West Hollywood for charity Project Angel Food around their new city.

Although she steered clear of caps for royal outings, Meghan has proved she is a huge fan of them for a dressed-down look in the past. 

Plain white Ts

While Kate Middleton, 38, has been undertaking Zoom public engagement chats in usual formal dresses, Meghan has debuted a more relaxed style for the camera. 

Lucas said a good example of this is when Meghan wore a white T-shirt for her call with the Hubb Community kitchen. 

He said: “It may seem like a white T-shirt would be the go to garment for a dressed down Zoom call. 

“Let’s however compare the inconspicuous white top to the Duchess of Cambridge’s Zoom style and we can see she has stuck to a more formal vibe. 

“Kate’s signature dresses and prints have been the mainstay. 


Fashion stylist Lucas Armitage said Meghan overhauled her entire wardrobe when she started dating Prince Harry. 

He explained: “When Meghan met Harry way back in July 2016 the world watched her personal style evolve from cool LA actress to one more becoming of her royal namesake.

“Gone were the ripped jeans of her past and her bare legs, if shown at all, would be covered modestly with nude tights, at least whilst she was an official royal.

“We celebrated this transformation which sartorially cemented her place with Harry.”

“The truth is a T-shirt like the ones we all own and love have absolutely no place in a senior royal's wardrobe.

“The simple act of dressing down to chat on Zoom is a freedom Meghan only knows now because of stepping down. 

“Her hair casually tied back again adds to the informal vibe and it’s clear she feels at ease with this very simple and casual look.”

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