Meghan Markle served her friend avocado on toast and Fortnum and Mason truffles on a silver platter but people are saying it looked ‘bland’ and ‘boring’

Daniel posted a snap on Instagram of the meal Meghan made him, praising her for it.

"Back to our Tig days," he wrote, referring to her now-closed blog which he also worked on.

"Thank you Meghan for being the consummate hostess this weekend and still being the #avocadotoast whisperer."

He added: "YUM! #foodie #foodiegram."

Fans loved that he called the Duchess, who served the toast on a silver platter, the "avocado whisperer".

But they weren't convinced it was the best avo toast ever.

"Whip up'? Uh…you toast bread and smash avocado on it. It ain't rocket science, baby," teased one person on Instagram.

And some critics were particularly brutal about her toast – describing it as budget.

Speaking to 10 Daily, Steve Flood, head chef at Butcher and Flood, described her toast as "a little Tesco's value no-frills" and suggested she should add some herbs or a splash of lemon.

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