Meghan Markle's pregnancy-reveal dress sent ‘powerful message,’ says designer

The beautiful black-and-white photo of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that accompanied their big news on Valentine’s Day revealed a serene scene, a barefooted prince, his smiling bride and a baby bump that told the world the happy couple is expecting their second child.

But that’s not all the photo revealed.

According to Wes Gordon, creative director of Carolina Herrera, the long and flowing dress the duchess wore for the photo packed its own “powerful message.”

“I made (the dress) for her when she was pregnant with Archie, so almost two years ago,” the 34-year-old designer explained in an interview with The Telegraph.

And he believes that detail is an important one.

“There’s a reality, it’s 2021, and we have a world to save, right?” he continued. “This is an undeniable crisis, and everyone has to do their part. At Herrera, we’re committed to pursuing sustainable fabrics. But the number one thing that someone can do for sustainability is hold on to those pieces you buy and use them for a longer amount of time.”

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In other words, the days of one-and-done dresses for the rich and famous (or anyone else) are no longer in fashion.

“That’s why I think what Meghan did is such a powerful message,” Gordon stressed of the choice. “She wore a dress that’s no less beautiful, because it’s two years old … it makes her feel no less special or no less happy.”

After all, she’s always looked happy in his creations.

Gordon was one of the first designers the former Meghan Markle turned to following her marriage to Prince Harry in May 2018. In fact, less than a month after their nuptials, she wore one of his Herrera pieces to the Trooping the Colour, the annual birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth II.

And that off-the-shoulder peach dress was followed up with a bold maternity look from Gordon the following year.

When the 39-year-old duchess met King Mohammed VI of Morocco in 2019, she wore a stunning blue, floor-length, flutter-sleeve gown.

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As for that recent pregnancy-reveal photo, the photographer behind the pic also noted messages within it — ones having nothing to do with sustainable fashions.

Misan Harriman told British Vogue that the scene featured “the tree of life behind them and the garden representing fertility, life and moving forward.”

Even the look of bliss on Harry and Meghan’s faces told a story, she said, noting that “they didn’t need any direction” for it “because they are, and always have been, waltzing through life together as absolute soulmates.”

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