Mel B, Rita Ora & More Celebs Who Have Had Bikini Wardrobe Malfunctions

Bikinis are a summer staple, so we often forget how risky wearing them can be. From waves knocking down bottoms to unwanted nip slips, even some of our favorite celebs have suffered a beach-themed wardrobe malfunction.

Bikinis aren’t meant to cover a ton of skin, but sometimes they accidentally reveal even more than you intended. If you yourself haven’t suffered the awkward experience of a rough wave knocking down your bikini bottoms or untying your top, you likely know someone who this has happened to. Beach wardrobe malfunctions are hardly rare, and TBH, they’re not really anything to be ashamed of. Even some of our favorite celebs like Rita OraMichelle Rodriguez, and Mel B have suffered a nip slip or some sort of outfit mishap while catching some rays in bathing suits.

Mel B, 42, suffered a bikini malfunction on April 13, 2018 while she was relaxing in Desert Hot Springs, Californhia with her friend and hairdresser Gary Madatyan. The Spice Girls singer was taking a dip in the pool when she came up from under the water and the force drove her purple bikini top lower on her chest. Mel’s right breast popped out from her top, giving onlookers a full frontal view of the nip slip.

Michelle Rodriguez started off 2018 with the first celebrity nip slip of the year. While hanging out in the ocean off Tulum, Mexico on Jan. 4, the actress’ white and navy striped bikini top didn’t stay put, and revealed her right nipple. Unfortunately, the moment was captured by paparazzi, who also got a few shots of her reaction to the incident. In the next photo of her, she can be seen looking a bit bashful, but she then laughs it off in a third photo. Now that’s how you handle a wardrobe malfunction!

Check out the gallery above to see more celebrities who have suffered wardrobe malfunctions while rocking bikinis and bathing suits.

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