Molly-Mae Hague shows off whopping Primark Autumn haul with £3 jewellery and £10 mum jeans

MOLLY-Mae Hague has shown off a recent whopping Autumn haul she did at Primark – with £3 jewellery and £10 mum jeans.

The Love Island star, 21, uploaded a YouTube video of her successful shopping trip, and it has racked up half a million views. 

Showing off her warm knits and snug pyjamas, Molly-Mae said: “I have not done one of these in what feels like the longest time, I’m doing a Primark haul.

“I went to the Manchester City Centre yesterday and had a massive, massive shopping spree.

“I’ve literally got everything from clothes to pyjamas, home stuff, beauty stuff, I went wild in there.”

The first bargain find Molly-Mae revealed was a £13 grey cardigan, which she got in an XL size to be comfy and baggy for winter. 

Molly, who lives with boyfriend Tommy Fury, said: “I just had the nice idea of putting on a film, putting on the cardigan, a cup of tea, how cosy would that look.”

Next up were some khaki pleather trousers, which Molly said she bought for £17 in a size 10. 

Holding them up, she said: “My favourite thing about Primark is finding pieces that no one would know are from Primark.”

Molly also got some mum jeans for a “bargain” £10, a tan hat with a black leather strap for £9, and sleeveless jumpers for £10 each. 

Next, Molly held up the “star of the show”, which was a long-sleeve black pleather jumpsuit, reduced to £15 from £30. 

She said: “This is why I live for Primark, when I went back I said I’m never leaving. When you find things like this you remember why you went in the first place.”

Other items she picked up was a £35 grey and black coat with a tie-round waist, a crisp white shirt, and four pairs of pyjamas sets. 

Her favourite was a fleecy pair with a cloud design that she said would be perfect for when you want to be warm round Halloween.

Molly said she always picks up her pyjamas in a medium size as she doesn’t want to be restrained in a small size, and typically sleeps in underwear or a large T-shirt. 

For walking round the house, Molly said she bought a fluffy pair of £3 slippers that she said reminds her of “sheep.”

And to boost her jewellery supplies, she got a £3 layered gemini necklace and £2 earrings. 

In the beauty department, Molly-Mae got flannels in blue and white for £1.30 per pack, some exfoliating discs to remove her fake tan, and 80p sheet masks. 

Molly finished saying: “I feel like me and Primark had a break to remember why we loved each other and missed each other so much. 

“I will absolutely be heading back there much more frequently. I’ve just genuinely haven’t had much time over the last year.”

Molly’s fans were quick to praise her for her Primark haul, with one saying: “Love how she literally has a 6 figure bank account and is still relatable and realistic when shopping.”

Another added: “I'm not into hauls and somehow I am still entertained by molly lol.”

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