Mom reveals finger print 'hack' to stop kids running into her room but parents are far from impressed

WHEN your kids are your housemates, it can be difficult to get a sense of privacy.

Businesswoman Breanna Trenay took things into her own hands when she developed a solution that ensured her kids' pesky paws would stay off her stuff,though the internet didn't take well to it.

Her quick and simple fix was demonstrated in a social media video.

After removing the original standard lock from her bedroom door, she replaced it with a lock she discovered on TikTok.

Similar to the function of certain smartphones in the market, the Foxgard lock allows users a bit of personalization, presenting a fingerprint feature necessary for entry.

And in Trenay's case, it ensured that she's the only one that could have access to her bedroom, keeping her kids at bay.

Parents on TikTok were far from fond of Trenay's method.

"It’s not that deep," one unimpressed user said.

"That’s cool and all but what if there’s an emergency and they can’t get to you," a concerned person offered.

"What’s wrong with them in your room?" someone demanded.

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A more sarcastic user questioned: "Is there something wrong with your lock on the old door handle?"

In a separate video, Trenay took to her TikTok to respond to the following comment: "It's not that deep."

"It's not even about the kids. It's literally about anybody, for that matter.

"Like, people in the comments are like I'm bout to go buy that right now because I wanna keep my sister out my room. She be taking my clothes."

Trenay also responded to the following comment: "That’s cool and all but what if there’s an emergency and they can’t get to you."

Following up in an additional video, she stated: "Why would my door be closed if I'm here to prevent them from doing anything."

Addressing those who insisted that this is to keep her kids out of her room while she's home, on her TikTokTrenay stressed the following: "I never said I wanted to keep my kids out when I'm home. This is literally for NOT at home purposes.

"I don't just sit in my room all day and have my door closed. It's open."

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