Mom shares how to stop your baby from crying when you've tried EVERYTHING

WHEN babies are inconsolably crying, there is nothing parents won't try to calm them down.

If your baby doesn't stop wailing after a diaper change, a feeding, and some attention, you might want to try this simple hack.

A mommy blogger who goes by the name of Baby and Me Nursery shared the steps she takes to get her newborn to settle down when nothing seems to be doing the trick.

The first thing she suggested was to swaddle your baby in their favorite blanket – this imitates them being held closely, which helps them self-soothe.

After swaddling, carefully place their head under warm water, making sure to avoid their eyes.

Lastly, you'll want to gently massage your baby's head as if you're shampooing their hair.

"This serves as a sort of reset for babies and often soothes them to sleep," she explained in her TikTok video.

A neo-natal nurse supported this mom's advice as she revealed that they do the exact same thing in hospitals when babies are inconsolable.

After sharing the video, many followers took to the comment section to share their amazement at this simple trick and vowed to try it with their own babies.

The moms who had actually followed the blogger's advice gushed about the results as well.

One mom wrote: "I did this with my newborn. It literally made her stop crying IMMEDIATELY. She hated baths but loved her head massaged with water only."

Another mom who tried it on her five-month-old son said it also worked for him.

A third mom also vouched for this trick, commenting: "Just did this with my six-week-old when she wouldn't stop crying and she's asleep now!"

A dad had previously shared that he soothed his newborn by simply giving him a t-shirt worn by his wife.

"Save your dirty shirt from the day before," is the caption on one Tiktok video – "it smells like you!"

Dad simply wraps the little one in the shirt or holds it close to his face and baby is "happy because he smells momma!"

It might sound strange that your newborn could sleep more soundly in the presence of your old clothing, but there's a scientific basis to this hack – and the secret is in how a baby's brain is hardwired.

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