Mortified Mrs Hinch fan draws a massive willy on her wall before redecorating – but now it won’t come off

A MRS Hinch fan is mortified after drawing a willy on her wall which was about to be redecorated only to find it won’t come off. 

The woman decided to jokingly draw the penis on her wall – in Sharpie – as she thought it would be quickly covered up. 

To her horror she discovered paint only made things worse, and after a last ditch attempt to remove it by sanding the pen off she was left with a ‘c**k shaped cement mark’. 

She desperately turned to the internet for advice after being left with the phallic shaped drawing on her wall. 

The cleaning fan posted hilarious snaps of her handiwork on Facebook group to Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, showing off her drawing as she begged for cleaning tips. 

She said: “Okay soooo I thought it'd be funny to draw a huge d**k on the wall before decorating because I thought the paint would cover it. 

“Every layer of paint I put on makes my d**k brighter and more prominent.

I've tried deodorant, spray, a little bit of sanding (I'll get my partner to try this properly) , it will not go.

“Someone mentioned hairspray but I don't have any..

“Someone help!”

She added she drew the willy in Sharpie, but “didn’t know why” she decided to use a permanent marker for her artwork. 

And the woman later updated the group after her attempt at sanding, saying: “Sanded it down to a big c**k shaped cement mark.”

Her hilarious post has received more than 4,000 likes, as people said it was the funniest thing they’d seen in a while.

One person commented: “This made my day thank you.”

Another said: “No tips sorry but did make me laugh and we could all do with a laugh especially with how crazy the world is right now.”

A third wrote: “MADE-MY-DAY. But I do hope you get it off.”

While this person added: “This have just made me laugh so much thank you.”

Aside from laughing, some people did offer some useful tips such as painting over it with high gloss, while others said wallpaper was her only option.

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