Most chaotic baby gender reveal ever ever sees girl throw such a tantrum no one ACTUALLY finds out if it’s a boy or girl

OH, to find our you're about to become a parent and have your own little family – the cute onesies, decorating the baby room, imagining their first steps.

You may also want to throw a gender reveal party – what could possibly go wrong on this beautiful day?

Quite a lot, according to one family whose party went from bad to worse in a matter of seconds.

Danielle and her fiancé, Frankie, were excited to find out there will be a little addition to their family.

To celebrate this emotional event, they decided to gather their friends and close ones for a gender reveal party, where they'd find out if their daughter would become a big sister to a baby brother or a baby sister.


The party seemed to be going well until the big moment – popping the black balloon containing either blue or pink confetti.

To make young sister-to-be feel more special, the parents decided it'd be her honour to do the job – she was about to become the big sister after all.

One handed the needle, the girl approached the balloon and attempted to burst it, but it didn't work.

Although there was a lot of encouragement from party attenders who kept shouting: ''Go! Go!'', the little girl got scared, so Danielle took matters in her own hands and grabbed the needle from her daughter.

You'd think here's when everyone found out the baby's gender?


Within seconds, the girl throws a massive tantrum leaving Danielle with no option other than handing the needle back to her.

She throws the needle away and Danielle starts telling off her daughter – but, unfortunately, she also lets go of the balloon!

They realise this when it's already too late – despite some guests trying to jump in the air, the balloon was too high to be reached.

Danielle walked away – and safe to say she didn't look very pleased!

Since posting this video, which has gone viral, we have learnt that she gave birth to a healthy boy which they named Lawson.

Apparently, the family's now also expecting another baby – congratulations!

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''Well this is a nice dose of birth control,'' another user commented.

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