Mum creates a pond in her back garden for just £80 & you’ll be amazed how easy it was

A CRAFTY mum decided to make a pond in her back garden – and the surprisingly easy project only cost £80. 

One woman decided to jazz up her backyard in lockdown and create a wildlife hotspot, which she aptly named ‘Loch Down’. 

She and her boys dug a small hole for the pond, which she says was much cheaper than getting a professional in. 

Sharing her lockdown project to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she said: “So the other day we started digging a hole for a pond. 

“This was so much cheaper doing it ourselves. Now it looks amazing thanks to my boys.”

Explaining how it was done, she said: “A hole was dug, 3ft one end, 2 in the middle and one the other. 

“Pond liner was PVC from an aquatic centre about £80 for that size.”

She scoured Facebook for greenery for the pond, and found some aquatic plants someone was getting rid of. 

She added: “There are water lilies and oxygenating plants and a solar powered fountain. 

“Will get a solar powered pump tomorrow. Then just fish. It's having netting tomorrow.”

She later updated the post with snaps of some fish enjoying the new pond.

Her incredible project has been liked more than 1,500 times online, as people praised the name and the idea.

One person said: “Looks beautiful well done! And love the name.”

Another wrote: “Wow well done looks great.”

A third wrote: “That looks brilliant and I love the name.”

Someone else commented: “Love the name!! It looks ace.” 

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