Mum creates amazing jungle-themed nursery with hanging plants & life-sized sloths & people say it's their ‘dream room'

YOU'VE got hundreds of nappies and baby grows – but before your little one arrives, most mums go through the all-important "nesting period".

That said, one savvy mum-to-be has gone above and beyond for her baby boy by creating an incredibly jungle-inspired nursery.

And let's just say, it's putting our basic hand-me-downs to shame.

Posting on the Facebook group DIY on a Budget Official, the mum wrote: "Built this for our baby boy due in March!"

Panning around the room, the mum showed off the wooden grid she'd made which was attached to the ceiling and covered in fake foliage, fairy lights and soft toys.

Along with a hanging panda, sloth, snake and tiger, the mum also added giraffe and elephant toys in the corner by her baby's crib.

And if that wasn't enough, the mum also has a wildlife sound machine to soothe her baby to sleep in his life-like jungle nursery.

Needless to say, the room was a hit with other members – and people called it their "dream nursery".

One replied: "How cool is this?"

Another added: "OMG I need a kid."

A third gushed: "Amazing!! So cleverly thought out."




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