Mum creates fairytale Beauty and the Beast bedroom for her Disney-loving daughter

A CREATIVE mum has revealed how she made a fairytale bedroom for her daughter that looks fit for a princess. 

The spellbinding room is themed on Beauty and the Beast, and has library book wallpaper, a rose lamp and figures of the film’s beloved characters. 

Taking to the Facebook group DIY on a Budget, the mum shared how she created the magical room by hand for under £500.

Above her daughter’s bed is huge Beauty and the Beast lettering, which she bought from eBay. 

This sits above a lamp which features a rose in a glass, similar to in the Disney movie. 

The walls of the room have been decorated with library book wallpaper, and there is a shelf filled with figurines of the likes of Mrs Potts, Gaston, Lumiere and Cogsworth, and Belle and the Beast.

On one of the walls is a large Belle and Beast mural, which she got from Amazon.

And one of the most exciting parts of the room is a DFS bed with a TV that pops out of the base – perfect for watching the Disney classic. 

Pictures of the Belle room were only uploaded less than a day ago, but have already racked up over 7,500 likes from impressed social media users. 

One gushed: “Wow totally amazing. Will you adopt me lol.”

Another added: “I'm 25 and I would love this bedroom.”

Meanwhile, the woman even got some job offers for doing other people’s houses in the same style, with one person commenting: “Stunning! Wanna come do my girls room? Lol.”

She's not the only mum to make an epic themed room, with one woman transforming son’s bedroom into an incredible replica fire station with bed in a fire engine and a fake pole.

We previously shared how a mum made a magical Harry Potter bedroom for son with Gryffindor four poster bed after his older brother died.

And a thrifty mum made an incredible playhouse under the stairs for her daughter using bargain items from B&Q for under £100.

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