Mum goes through her husband's phone messages… and is devastated by what she finds

Inside you find a flirty message from a girl. Your husband has responded in an equally flirtatious way. What do you do?

One Mumsnet user has reached out to fellow mums after discovering her husband had been secretly chatting with a girl via Whatsapp and text message.

The user, who goes by the name Dave029, explained the situation on the parenting forum.

"I found my husband's old phone in the drawer yesterday and decided to switch it on," she wrote.

"I logged onto his Instagram account and saw that in his messages he's messaged a girl he'd bumped into on a night out.

"The night out happened a few days after we'd had a miscarriage and I was away staying with friends.

"The messages were flirty and my husband asked for her number so they could contact each other via text/Whatsapp."

The devastated Mumsnetter then asked what her others would do.

"For me, this is totally unacceptable and basically cheating. But, I can't confront him about it because he'll know I snooped. Advice?" she wrote.

Mumsnet users were divided. Many asked for more information and context to be given, whilst others warned that this was "just the beginning" of his philandering ways.

Kaytonamission wrote in response: "This is just the beginning. Even if that was only it, down the line it'll get worse.

"The fact he did that just after you lost your baby says it all. Get rid. He has no respect for you."

Others, however, weren't so forceful. "I think there's a lot of factors to consider," Storm4star wrote.

"Do you think they're still in contact? Do you think this was a one off or that he's done it more than once, with other women," she continued.

Some Mumsnetters even blamed Dave029 for snooping.

"Snooping is also awful behaviour, how do people justify it when they find nothing?" one Mumsnetter said. Another agreed: "It's not nice to snoop," they wrote.

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