Mum issues safety warning over bow headbands after claiming her friend’s 14-week-old daughter suffocated while wearing one – The Sun

A MUM is warning parents about the dangers of putting bow headbands on their newborn daughter's after claiming her friend's child was suffocated by one.

She took to Facebook to explain how the 14-week-old child died after the oversized bow slipped over her nose and mouth while she was sleeping.

Shared tens of thousands of times and seen by parents across the globe, the warning reveals the potential harm that could be caused by the 'trendy' headbands.

The woman from Glasgow  wrote: "All new mums please be aware – this warning is for all mums who have small babies and use the big bow headbands on them.

"My friend has sadly just lost her 14-week-old daughter whilst she thought she was sleeping in her carry cot after a long walk outside.

"When she came to check on her she had the bow headband down over her nose and mouth and wasn't moving – she had passed away.

"The post mortem revealed her death was due to suffocation asphyxiation.

"She wanted me to share with other new mums the danger of some of these fashion accessories for babies can have."

The woman went on to say she and her friend were 'utterly devastated' by the death of the child, who she referred to as Holly.

However, the post has since been deleted and Scottish police have so far been unable to confirm details of the incident and whether the post is true.

The mum's warning comes just weeks after the controversy over JoJo bows, large hair clip bows, which are the latest fashion fad for young girls.

YouTuber and reality TV star JoJo Siwa, 13, who appeared on US show Dance Moms throughout her childhood, popularised the bright and bold clips.

But many schools have already banned the bows, clips and headbands in classrooms, and dangers of choking in young children could take this sanction further.

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