Mum makes her daughter a festive gingerbread playhouse for FREE using cardboard boxes she got from work – The Sun

A MUM has revealed how she made her little girl a magical festive gingerbread house using just a few cardboard boxes from work.

Taking to a bargains group on Facebook, she explained how she "couldn't justify spending £7.50" on the Hobbycraft cardboard playhouses we told you about last week – so took matters into her own hands.

Writing on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains group, she said: "I really wanted to get my daughter the igloo playhouse from Hobbycraft, but I just couldn't justify paying the £7.50 for what is purely a cardboard box.

"So I made her a gingerbread playhouse using some cardboard boxes I got from work!

"When I put the window in, she decided that side is now a café to sell Christmassy treats, so she made the sign, calling it 'Joyful Treats'!

"We've got a fireplace, removable candy canes, hot chocolate cups and cupcakes, and salt dough gingerbread men.

"It was FREE as it didn't cost me anything directly, as I already had the bits at home (toilet roll tubes, cellophane, paper plates, ribbon).

"Loads more ideas of things to make for it, and she's adding a cushion and a blanket, but she loves it, and I've saved £7.50, so one happy Mumma!"

And other parents were seriously impressed with the mum's creativity, with the post having nearly 8,000 likes already, after only being shared less than a day ago.

One impressed user wrote: "Fab mummy! I love homemade things and bet your daughter loves this very much! Well done you!"

While another said: "That's brilliant and she will appreciate it more because it's her own design. Well done mummy."

"How wonderful it would be if all families gave gifts like this, wonderful," wrote another.

Will you be giving it a go?



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