Mum-of-four Peta Todd says Olivia Colman shows being a mum isn't the end of your career

Today Peta, who is married to Olympic cyclist Mark Cavendish, pays homage to Brit actress Olivia Colman.

Crush of the week alert – it has to be Oscar-winning Olivia Colman.

Not only is the woman superbly talented, charismatic and likeable to boot, but she has reached her career peak at the age of 45 while more than bending the showbiz rules.

As a working mum, I’m inspired by women like Olivia, who won Best Actress for her role in The Favourite on Sunday.

We are constantly fed the lie that we must accomplish our career goals before having a family (as clearly, post-baby, we are just an empty vessel capable only of changing nappies and making packed lunches).

Yet here she is – a mum of three kids aged 13, 11 and three, who has not only carved out a successful career on British telly, but has wowed Hollywood.

She has shown it is possible to have it all – a glittering career and a fulfilling family life.

Of course, I am not saying all mums need to win an Oscar to prove they still have a lot to give. Although I could probably get a nomination for my role in “Mum, where is my PE kit?” or the sequel “Mum, I spilt my drink.”

We do sometimes need to accept that our priorities change at various stages of life – being top of the career ladder and podding a human may not always go hand in hand. But starting a brood of little ones does not mean that you have reached your final destination.

She’s Olivia Colman – a kickass powerhouse of a woman

I can certainly say that the more I work and experience different situations and people, the better parent I become – especially as my children get older and ask more questions about the world.

By the same token, being a mum certainly makes me better in my career too – my passion, patience as well as aspirations for my family’s future make my drive more fierce than ever.

This notion you must reach the top of your shiny work tree in order to tick a career box before plummeting to an icy low of night feeds, nursery rhymes and carrot puree from which you can never recover is outdated.

I understand it is a cultural notion and one that is tough to shift, but with people like Olivia Colman out there getting Oscars, I hope people will start to realise that there is never a full stop on our dreams.

Perhaps my most favourite thing of all about Olivia is that she is unapologetically herself. She’s not “Olivia, the actor”, nor “Olivia, mum of three”. She’s Olivia Colman – a kickass powerhouse of a woman.

But award or no award, at home I’m sure she will just be Mum. I love her and would happily have a channel devoted to playing her acceptance speech on a loop, just to remind all women that “you never know”.

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