Mum of toddler shares clip of living room COVERED in nail polish & foundation after she leaves the room to go to the loo

VIEWERS are in stitches at this hilarious video, which shows just how much damage a toddler can cause when mum nips to the loo for ten minutes.

Beth, a mum-of-two from Devon, posted a video clip of her living room absolutely covered in foundation and nail polish after her toddler got her hands on the beauty products.

Beth posted the video in the We Love Mrs Hinch Facebook group, seeking advice on how to properly clean up the mess.

She captioned the video: “Someone please help me. Nail varnish and foundation, I was in the bathroom for ten minutes.”

Her toddler had managed to open a bottle of foundation and empty it completely.

The mischievous tot also had enough time to smear the make-up all over Beth’s plush grey sofa and carpet, as well as her pink hoover. 

Of course, in the process, the toddler also covered herself in the make-up.

Worst of all, the youngster got into a bottle of black nail polish and spilled the entire contents onto the carpet. 

Going back to her toys after some playful destruction, the tot spread the mess all over her own play things.

In an understandable state of disbelief, Beth repeatedly says “Oh my god” as she films her living room.

Commenters were equal parts sympathetic and entertained.

“Sorry I’m laughing at your daughter in the bath bless her”, wrote one viewer.

Another said: “If that foundation is Estee Lauder Double Wear you’ve got no chance.”

“Sorry, no help but I feel your pain”, wrote one sympathetic commenter.

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