Mum reveals she cheats on her ‘amazing’ husband and says it saved her crumbling marriage

She said: "I've been married for 10 years and my husband is amazing."

But, she said, the "intimacy" in their union was long gone – leading to her to seek out other sexual relations.

So, in February, she turned to Ashley Madison for another partner.

Now, she explained, she is seeing a married man called Jamie*.

And, she argued, it had helped her marriage… because it meant she and her husband could "simply enjoy their time together".

Earlier in the week we reported that more and more women were turning a blind eye to their husband's cheating.

Official stats revealed that in 2006 divorces were initiated by 90,375 wives, but by 2016 this had fallen to 65,290.

Ellen Walker, of Hall Brown Family Law, which carried out the research, told the Daily Mail: "Women appeared more capable than men of putting up with marriage-threatening difficulties.

"We are surprised time and again by the ability of some men and women to almost turn a blind eye to their partner’s misbehaviour.

"I am not referring to single examples of infidelity or drunkenness but individuals who encounter frequent bad conduct and give their other halves another chance, mainly because of their commitment to a relationship."

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