Mum reveals how to crack and egg and never break the yoke – and why you should never do it on the side of a bowl

CRACKING eggs is one of those things that takes practise – first you need to learn to crack the egg smoothly without getting the shell in the mix, but learning to crack it while keeping the yolk intact is another story altogether. 

Although, there is one thing we all have in common, no doubt, regardless of how well you crack it – and that's the fact you probably always tap the egg on the side of the bowl to crack open it's shell.

If any of these scenarios ring true to you, then you'll be in for a treat because a clever mum and her son have demonstrated how to crack an egg an unsure the yolk stays intact every single time – and it's a game changer.

Mum Felicity and the Harfin clan have been sharing hilarious clips on Tik Tok throughout lockdown revealing some very simple yet mostly unknown life hacks.

At the start of the family's egg-hack clip, the mum asks, "does anyone ever have trouble cracking an egg?" to which her son tells of the all to real scenario many of us face – the yolk splits.

But to avoid this, the youngster warns against cracking the egg on the rim of the bowl, and instead suggests tapping it on a flat surface, like the bench top.

And just like that the egg is released and out falls one very whole egg yolk.

Not only does this method allow you to end up with a whole yolk, but it also eliminates the risk of shell falling into the bowl.

According to experts at the Daily Meal, cracking the egg on the side of a bowl or pan can almost guarantee that pieces of shell end up falling into your mixture.

They too suggest that the right way to break an egg is to crack it against a truly flat surface.

This method means that the shell will be not be forced inwards, which is what happens when eggs are cracked against the side of the bowl.

And as a result you significantly reduce the chances of stray shards of egg falling into your pan.

The experts suggest that one sharp, hard tap on a table top is all it takes to crack an egg correctly.

We know – mind blown.

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