Mum shares easy way she gets her toddler in the trolley when food shopping and other parents brand her a genius

GETTING groceries is hard – it's even more difficult when you have a kid with you.

This is where shopping trolleys come in handy, but more often than not it also leaves you with lower back pain from having to bend and pick your small one up.

The mum-of-three, Lenize Fuentes, knows the struggle and has, luckily, come up with an easy solution.

''Save your back, sis,'' she shared the hack on her Instagram which has been liked by almost 240 thousand people.

Instead of doing it the typical way, Lenize insisted you let your kid do the work.


She demonstrated the hack with one of her daughters, who climbed into the trolley whilst the mum had lifted the seat part from behind.

Once the child had successfully entered the trolley, Lenize simply opened the seat and helped the daughter to get comfortable.

Fellow parents were grateful for this tip, with some wishing they had found this earlier.

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''The definition of work smarter not harder,'' commented one.


''I just lifted my 63lb 6 yo into a cart the other day at Target lol.''

While there were those who praised the hack, some viewers were critical, like this one who wrote: ''This is not a hack this is actually very dangerous and why are you doing this?

''Because most places that have shopping carts have signs that strictly prohibit your children from climbing in or on carts! 

''Don't be lazy and pick your child up and put them in the child seat!,'' the person added.

Another person thought: ''letting school age kids sit in the cart.''

''If you can't lift a 30-40lbs toddler, and that going to blow your back out then you definitely need to start lifting weights,'' is how someone else felt about the hack.

Others claimed this was nothing new, with one writing: ''Ok? how did they do it before?

''like dude I thought you were the advanced country.''

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