Mums issue stark warning to women with long hair about its danger to babies and how it can cause lifelong damage

BECOMING a parent is a wonderful experience – but from having to constantly change nappies to making sure the persistent cough isn't anything to be concerned about, there are many things to keep parents on their toes.

And two mums have added another thing to the ever-growing list – hair tourniquets.

The two sister mums, Nikki and Rach, shared the insightful post on their Instagram page, @tinyheartseducation, urging parents of newborns, particularly women with longer hair, to be more vigilant.

Sharing a photo of a baby's foot with a cut-like scarring, the sisters shed light on the dangerous condition.

''Hair tourniquets occur when a hair or other fibre, such as a thread, wraps itself tightly around a body part, most commonly on a finger or toe.''


The mums also added that other common body parts include the wrist, genitals, ear lobe, belly button, as well as nipple.

Although, the duo explained, hair tourniquets area relatively rare occurence, they require quick recognition and treatment in order to prevent long-term damage.

''They're most commonly seen on infants and toddlers due to their inability to tell us what is going on and where they have pain.''

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The Instagram post also revealed that infants who are less than four months old are most at risk.

This, they pointed out, is because 90% of mums experience postpartum hair loss.

As most infants and toddlers don't yet have the ability to tell their parents they experience severe discomfort and pain, there, the post informed, are also a few other signs to look out for.

As well as persistent crying without any noticeable reason, the baby will have a right line around a toe, finger or genitals, which is usually accompanied by redness and swelling.

In order to treat a hair tourniquet, the mums recommended applying a small amount of hair removal cream to the area and leave for around 10 minutes as long.

Afterwards, simply rinse with warm water – this should remove the hair.

However, if the hair or the thread still remains wrapped or the skin is broken or bleeding, your child has to be taken to the emergency department immediately.

The mum duo urged parents to save the post, saying: ''You never know when you'll need it.''

One mum had seen this just in time, commenting: ''Thanks for sharing this.

''My little 3 month old had a hair strand wrapped around her little ring finger yesterday. So glad I was able to see it !!

''So important to always check their hands, feet and neck!''

A second added: ''I saw a similar post about this a few years back and it is the first thing I look for when my babes are unsettled and I can’t seem to find a clear reason as to why!''

One parent shared her horror story as a kid: ''This is one thing I am so concious of as a mum!

''My mum had rather long hair, she co-slept with me as a babe.

''My dad woke one night to muffled baby cries and my mums screams.

''Her hair had wrapped around my neck and I was turning blue.''

''We have a furry cat and man the amount of fur that gets wrapped around our little ones fingers and toes are insane,'' a user wrote.

''We check every nappy change now.''

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