Mums share photos of their messy playrooms after Kim Kardashian showed off her kids’ immaculately organised room

MUMS have been sharing snaps of their messy playrooms after Kim Kardashain gave fans a sneak peek inside her immaculate room.

The mum-of-four gave a tour of her pristine playroom in her sprawling mansion in LA, revealing a neatly organised room full of toys. 

The 39-year-old pointed out different play stations, including a stage with instruments, toy kitchens, an ice cream parlour, a supermarket check-out, an arts and craft station, neatly lined up trucks and dinosaurs, as well as colour coded Lego and crayons. 

And the kids even enjoy a separate walk-in wardrobe filled with dressing up clothes, with princess shoes, tiaras and animal costumes all neatly packed away. 

Sharing a clip to her Instagram, the reality TV star said: “So I’m cleaning up for the night, and just because you guys say my house is so minimal, you guys haven’t seen my playroom.”

After showing off how tidy her vast playroom is, TV host Ellen Degeneres shared a snap of the pristine room on Facebook, asking fellow mums if theirs looks as good.

She wrote: “Is your ‘playroom’ messier than Kim Kardashian’s? I want to see it!”

And parents didn’t disappoint, with thousands of mums liking and commenting on the post – sharing snaps of their messy ‘playrooms’. 

Toys, books, clothes and games cover the floor and every available surface in the countless snaps mums have shared, with some admitting they don't even bother tidying anymore.

One mum confessed: “I am not rich like that and that room is ridiculously out of this world. My house looks like a tornado hit it.”

Another commented: “Us normal people don’t get playrooms, only living rooms the kids play in, and it’s always a mess.”

A third said: “Messy. That is hilarious!! Everything has a place and positioned just right! 

“I love the real photos on here of playrooms that are actually played in. The Kardashian play room is as phoney as the Kardashians.” 

This mum added: “I don’t even bother going in mine anymore.”

Another wrote: “What is a playroom? We don’t have that. It’s the living room.” 

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