My bum is so round and cheerful people constantly say it’s fake so I’m spending £32k to prove it’s the real deal

HAVING a naturally perky bum isn't always a blessing, as model Jessica Rast admits she's constantly bombarded by people who say hers is fake.

Now she's on a mission to prove that hers is the real deal, and the Canadian woman, who's graced the cover of Maxim Australia, is willing to fork out $32k to do it.

Jessica said it makes her angry that fans don't believe her "round and cheerful" butt is natural and that she's worked hard to get it looking this way.

So splashing the cash on a plastic surgeon who'll provide a certificate might be the only way to put an end to the negative comments – and she's willing to do what it takes.

She said: "Many people say that my butt is fake because it is so round and cheerful.

"Honestly, these comments really get to me because I was accused of things that are not true, it really upsets me."

And added: "My body is natural. I work a lot at the gym with my personal trainer".

The Maxim model also said her perky posterior is a result of a vegan diet and healthy eating, which helps her stay in shape.

She explained:"I mainly eat a vegan diet, but occasionally, rarely, I also eat some seafood.

"In addition, I was a professional figure skater and rigorous training from an early age shaped my body."

Just recently, the brunette beauty was so irritated by the constant accusations that she showed an x-ray of her behind on Instagram.

She said she was so fed-up and added: "I want to put an end to this, I hope it will resolve it finally."

According to her Instagram, the Canadian native currently lives in Bali, Indonesia and regularly shares barley-there snaps on her Instagram where she has 372k followers.

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