My girlfriend thinks going to ‘big Tesco’ counts as a DATE but I totally disagree

A MAN has expressed his horror after his girlfriend revealed she counts going to "big Tesco" as a DATE – so who do you agree with?

Admittedly, supermarket shopping became a bit of a day out during the coronavirus lockdowns, but this woman still sees it as a romantic activity.

Posting on Reddit, the baffled bloke asked: "My girlfriend thinks going to big Tesco together counts as a date. I completely disagree, what is everyone else’s opinion?"

But if you're tempted to pop to the corner shop and try to pass it off as a date, the man's girlfriend insists it's "got to be a Tesco Extra" to count.

The hypermarkets are Tesco's biggest offering – with a cafe, clothes shopping, phone store and electrical department.

The idea has split opinion, with some saying "Definitely not" and others joking: "Depends on if you go to the cafe after."

But some said: "Absolutely is a date. My fiance and I have Tesco dates in the evenings."

One parent wrote: "100%. One of the most common date nights we have is going to the big supermarket with nice stuff and doing a good shop.

"Then coming back home and drinking wine while eating supermarket sushi. Not exactly fancy but we've got a toddler."

While another person said: "Our first date involved a Morrisons. Married now so it must have worked".

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And a third wrote: "I checked (with my partner) and this would count, but only the really big ones where you can shop for clothes too".

Some shared lovely stories of their own. One said: "I had a date once to a morrisons.

"We had very little money so we looked at the magazines and laughed at the stupid stories on them and then went to McDonald’s for a mcflurry.

"Admittedly we had been together about 12 years at that point and had a small baby so were not out to impress and were just happy to be out of the house"

Another reader said it wasn't worth debating, as long as his girlfriend's happy.

They wrote: "Be grateful, at least she’s not asking you to take her to the mall. She’s appreciative of the little things you do together, I think she’s a keeper."

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