My neighbours keep hanging their washing in MY garden – I’ve even put up a fence but she won’t stop

A WOMAN has grown infuriated with her neighbours after they keep hanging their washing in her garden – despite putting a fence up.

Taking to Mumsnet anonymously she explained the gardens were open-plan, but had two "clearly defined" gardens.

She revealed that as the weather has gotten warmer she has encountered more issues, and now her neighbours kids were playing on her side of the garden.

"Normally, this wouldn't bother me but we both WFH with our workspace at the back of the house, so it was a bit of a pain but we let it slide," she added.

But things had gotten worse – now her neighbour was hanging her washing in her garden.

"One morning I get up to hang out washing and see neighbours washing already out on my drying green.


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"Was a bit WTF about it, mentioned to her and she had always just used our drying green because her poles had broken and the previous owner didn't mind.

"I did mind and told her so," she added.

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Eventually, she decided to put up a fence to deter her neighbour – but it didn't work.

She claims her neighbours children broke the gate of the fence, and as it was broken, the mum had decided it was fine to use her garden again.

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Now the gate is fixed but her cheeky neighbour has drilled holes into the fence to hang another washing line.

The anonymous poster wants her neighbour to remove the screws but wasn't sure if she was being unreasonable.

She said: "I realise I may be overreacting and it's just a fence, but AIBU to want to ask her to remove the screws as she didn't ask to drill into it?

"If she had asked, I'd likely have said no because I'm not keen on the persistent weight pulling on the fence."

Hundreds of people commented on the post and many said her neighbour had no right to mess with her fence.

One advised: "She has no legal right to attach anything to a fence that you own which is entirely on your land. It’s your fence and you can ask her to remove the line from it."

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Others had less patience, one said: "Personally I wouldn’t be unscrewing it, I’d be cutting the line."

"She is incredibly rude. The washing line comes down straight away." Commented a third.

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