My wife’s best friend said she’s GLAD she’s infertile and can never have kids after a fight, I’ll never forgive her

A MAN has taken to Reddit to share how he stood up for his wife after her best friend claimed she was glad she couldn't get pregnant in their group chat.

In a post on the website where he could remain anonymous, he said his wife was in tears when her best friend started criticizing everything going on in her life.

"My wife’s best friend lives about 19 hours away and came to stay with us for a month because they haven’t seen each other since 2019," he wrote.

"When she arrived my wife wasn’t home so it was just her and I. I directed her towards the guest bedroom, but she put all her things in our room instead.

"When I asked she said: 'I assumed we’d be sleeping in the room and you would sleep in the guest room.'

"I told her I wasn’t leaving my room and my wife to go to the guest room. She told me she couldn’t sleep alone and that my wife knew that.

"I told her to move her stuff to the guest room and I went back to my office. My wife called me about 10 minutes later crying.

"Her best friend had texted their group chats berating me."

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He continued: "She started saying how much of an a**hole I was, how she was really sh**ty for marrying me, and even saying it was a good thing she was infertile.

"I went to find her, she was still in our room playing on her phone on our bed. 

"I grabbed her stuff and brought it to the front door and told her to get out. 

"She begged me to let her stay the night because she just drove 15 hours and I told her the things she said to my wife weren’t alright and I wouldn’t have her in my home.

"She ended up having to stay at the only hotel with availability. It was about two hours away and her car got broken into."

After he posted his story, nearly all the comments left agreed he had done the right thing and stood up for his wife, with some suggesting the friend most likely lied about her car being broken into.

One person wrote: "I’m guessing the 'friend' made-up stuff and made it a sound a lot worse.

"All she did was walk through the front door and he turned into a raving monster? The friends were likely told something completely different."

Another commented: "Holy cow! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Can you imagine if she had stayed for a month?!

"You did the right thing- she is not your wife’s best friend!"

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