Nike's "Every Stitch Considered" Collection Boasts Intelligent, Anatomical Cuts

ACG isn’t the only Nike line that receives thoughtful, fashion-forward offerings. Every Stitch Considered is an in-line offering issued under the Nike Design Exploration header, which includes the ISPA footwear series.

The Nike Design Exploration mantra informs a variety of recent apparel and footwear designs, including some of Nike’s most cutting-edge kicks, which see the Swoosh delving into athlete performance data and digital design to create thoughtful wearables ideal for daily life but informed by futuristic tech. Every Stitch Considered is the clearest example of that, delivering an expansive selection of mostly genderless garments in neutral tones, shaped equally by “exceptional craftsmanship,” Nike says, and fits shaped by information derived from body motion studies.

Form-fitting base layers are snugly wrapped by parkas, field jackets and cardigans, modulating between tank tops, zippered polo shirts and long-sleeved tees depending on the climate. Baggy shorts, drop-crotch pants and ankle-length wide trousers anchor the versatile garments above, abetted by a range of accessories that include beanies, totes and helmet bags. Some items boast weather-fighting tech while others feature hidden functions, like a jacket with backpack straps.

“Innovation arrives when you become so familiar with a process that you allow yourself the opportunity to reinvent it. With that in mind, Nike Design Exploration asks us to push the boundaries of the familiar, exploring new territories of creativity and expertise,” Kurt Parker, Nike’s VP of apparel design, said in a statement. “Every Stitch Considered is ultimately a sportswear-inspired lifestyle collection, but our unique understanding of the body in motion, based in decades of scientific study, paired with dedicated old-world Italian craftsmanship, sets these garments apart as distinct, timeless articles.”

Every Stitch Considered launches on Nike’s website and select stores October 26.

Elsewhere, the latest ISPA effort from Nike is the “Clear Jade” iteration of its Road Warrior sneaker.
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