No tiaras for Meghan Markle or shoe shiners for Prince Harry – everything they’ll lose by quitting royal life

ON March 31 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will step back from their royal responsibilities for good and wave goodbye to the royal family, but their royal privileges will end too.

No more chauffeur driven cars, no more dipping into the Queen’s jewel pool, no more royal helicopters landing on the front lawn and no more police outriders to guide them through the London traffic in double quick time.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will keep their security and will still be Royal Highnesses, but they won’t be able to use the regal style that comes with being part of the royal family.

The unknown and surprising privileges that Harry and Meghan once had have now all but disappeared.

Here are some of the things they might miss.

No tiaras or royal jewels for Meg

It's highly unlikely Meghan will ever wear a tiara again, let alone one from the Queen's private collection.

They are typically only worn by royal women for diplomatic receptions, state banquets and the state opening of Parliament, none of which Meghan (as a non-royal) will attend.

She was never allowed to pick and choose from queens selection when she wanted. It was on her majesty's invitation will stop.

She could obviously still pick from Diana’s collection – Wills permitting – as anything personal she had belongs to the boys.

No private posties or PAs 

So, no one to sift through the mail and shred all the nasty stuff. No one to reply to the invitations so Meghan will have to put her best handwriting back into use.

There will be no one to answer the phone, make appointments with the beautician or the hairdresser and make sure the cleaning is picked up.

And Meghan’s favourite hairdresser has relocated to London to be near her, which was a waste of time.

Also, who is going to make those calls to all your famous friends and keep your invitations flowing?

Bye-bye free and instant medical care

The Queen’s surgeon gynaecologist and the Royal Household physician provide their services free to members of the royal family.

If they need a specialist, they go straight to the top with no waiting about.

If little Archie was taken ill in the night he would be whisked straight to a top hospital if necessary and all the stops would be pulled out to care for him.

No shiny uniforms for Harry

Harry has to step back from his honorary military appointments so all those smart dress uniforms which are kept in perfect condition by a valet ready to be worn at any moment will have to go into cold storage so the moths don’t get them.

Harry loves a uniform but after his last duty as Captain General of the Royal Marines he won’t be wearing one again in a hurry.

So-long designer outfits delivered to her door

Without the press following her every move will designers still be bashing down door to give the Duchess free free clothes or handbags?

It won’t stop altogether, of course, but it is a major perk of being a high-profile royal.

If Meghan re starts her blog The Tig the freebies might continue of course, but not in the same way.

No more cash from the kitty for clothes

When members of the royal family travel abroad on official business they get a large clothing allowance after all they're working in the Queen’s name.

That has stopped and although they both have plenty of clothes it is not as nice as having designers provide something extra special and ‘so next season’ for you to wear.

Even Harry takes advantage of this and must have a large number of suede shoes in his wardrobe.

Forget about the free organic food from royal estates

Diana once said her boys loved Balmoral more than anywhere in the world. William and Harry even have their own shooting lodge on the Balmoral estate.

As Meghan doesn’t approve of Harry shooting, he has more or less given up the sport.

He will also miss his polo ponies which were always available for him to use, but no doubt he will be playing at some charity matches stateside.

Meghan’s vegetable garden at Frogmore might be looked after for her but there will be no delicious homegrown produce from Sandringham or Windsor for her to use in her recipes.

As she and Harry bonded over roast chicken let’s hope Wholefoods in North America can come up with something as good as Highgrove organic.

No private shoe shiners or car valets

I know Harry didn’t have a permanent valet or Meghan a dresser but in royal life there are always people only too happy to help you out on those red-carpet nights.

Without their royal charities there won’t be red carpet evenings of quite the same calibre.

There won’t be a Gurkha orderly to clean Harry’s evening shoes to a fantastic royal shine or tie his black tie for him.

There won’t be a Gurkha orderly to clean Harry’s evening shoes to a fantastic royal shine or tie his black tie for him.

Meghan is pretty independent here, but she will remember there was something special about having someone run your bath, have the towel folded ready over a chair so you can pull it around you when you get out and your evening clothes laid out on the bed.

Then when you’re ready a gleaming car of choice which is loaned on a very special leasing agreement will be waiting for you. This will certainly no longer apply.

Bye-bye beautiful art

All the royal residences even Nottingham Cottage where Harry and Meghan conducted their courtship have the most beautiful pictures from the royal collection hanging on the walls.

They are hung on chains so they can be moved and changed around and there is so much to choose from they can suit almost any taste.

There are so many pictures in storage there are plenty to go around all the royal homes.

Prince Harry studied art while he was at school at Eton and has a good eye so he will miss his old masters and have to make do with posters instead.

The royals don’t lead a life of undiluted luxury but their lives are made easier by the privileges accorded to them and the everyday hassles and stresses of modern life are removed.

Of course, remove one problem and another replaces it which Harry and Meghan discovered.

Ingrid Seward is Editor in Chief of Majesty magazine and biographer of William and Harry.

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