OMG Sarah Jessica Parker Just Unveiled the Prettiest, Most Carrie Bradshaw Bridal Line Ever

Alert, alert!!! Sarah Jessica Parker has just released a brand-new line of wedding dresses! They are super sleek and simple, yet very eye-catching. You’ll understand what I mean when you see the pics:

This is SJP’s first-ever foray into ready-to-wear. Before this, she had only designed accessories, including a line of bridal shoes, which obviously go perfectly with these new styles. The SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Bridal collection is exclusively available at Gilt, and ranges in price from $295 to $2,395. It includes full-length gown options as well as shorter, knee-length styles, and even separates.

Let’s see some more bridal looks, eh??

BTW, wedding dresses/jumpsuits aren’t the only options in this line. There are also a few bridesmaid looks:

So cute!

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