Our traveller wardrobe is SO big we need a separate caravan, it's full of £5k Chanel bags, 80 posh shoes & 20 sunglasses

GETTING ready for that big night out on June 21 may leave you longing for a walk-in wardrobe filled with Louboutins, Chanel bags and diamond necklaces.

Lucky enough for Caitlin, 19, and Lizzy Mac, 20, they don’t have this stress to worry about.  


With their summer house next to their trailer converted into a walk-in wardrobe, these traveller sisters have HUNDREDS of items to choose from.

From designer shoes, to a massive collection of dresses and an entire cabinet dedicated to their jewellery, these sisters have a wardrobe that every girl dreams of. 

And if the girls were to ever get stuck for outfits, Caitlin and Lizzy, who both have a passion for fashion and love textiles, would simply redesign an old tracksuit and turn it into a dress or two piece. 

In the fifth of our six-part exclusive series with Fabulous, the Caravan Queens will be giving us a tour of their wardrobe and an insight into their fashion hacks. 

Lizzy says: “We have over twenty designer bags and over eighty pairs of heels, and about ten designer belts, as well as our clothes and jewellery in there. 

“We have a summer house, which we built opposite our trailer and it is dedicated to our closet, with everything that a girl needs all kept in there. 

“We have a sofa in there also, so we can get comfy when we are getting ready, and some of our favourite shoes and bags are out on display so we can just pick it up and be ready to go.

“The rest is packed away in the draws.”

I would have to say our shoe collection is probably the most expensive thing that we have

Caitlin adds: “Traveller girls like making a fashion statement everywhere they go, a picture is a thousand words. 

“That's why we have to dress the best.”

The walk-in wardrobe is where the sisters, from St Albans, Herts., will be spending most of their time either relaxing or getting glammed up for their sensational TikTok videos.

With an impressive collection of designer staple goods, which have all been gifted to them from their parents, the girls have at least fourteen pairs of Louboutins, four pairs of Jimmy Choo, five Louis Vuitton bags, 12 Chanel bags, along with Gucci and Chanel belts, and that is just what is on display. 

Hidden away in the draws are more designer shoes, belts, bags and clothes – all mounting up to a high-street value of around £30k.

Caitlin says: “So I would have to say our shoe collection is probably the most expensive thing that we have. 

“We don’t know all of the prices, because most of them were given to us but I think they come up to a hefty some. 

“My favourite shoe draw is the diamante encrusted heels draw, I love the bling and you know we have to have a pair in every colour.

“We have three drawers for our Louboutins. One for the shoes which have a personality of their own.

“One for the nude Louboutins which of course have a draw of their own. 

“I think everyone can say they have at least five black pairs of Louboutins.”

Lizzy adds: “In the summer I love to wear a wedge, I think that is all I wear and obviously sandals.


  • Don’t wear more than two colours as it will make your outfit look tacky
  • Always have a backup outfit
  • Plan your outfit around the weather and the place (you wouldn’t wear stilettos on grass)

“In my draw I have got some wedges from River Island, Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors. 

“I am obsessed with neon colours as well, and so Ego shoes are my favourite at the moment, I love a strappy heel for style and comfort.

“We also have an area for our cowboy boots, we were going to Texas before Miss Corona intervened.”

Their crystalised tiaras and crowns, Swarovski necklaces, Chanel earrings, and gold rings will be locked away in their walk-in wardrobe, along with over twenty diamond encrusted and designer sunglasses from brands including Versace and D&G.


Lizzy says: “We also have our collection of around ten designer belts, including brands like Gucci, Chanel and Louboutin, which I think is really important. I genuinely think a belt can make or break your outfit.” 

Cailtin adds: “Of course diamonds are a girl's best friend, and you know we are travellers because of the bling. 

“Lizzy is more of a silver type jewellery girl and prefers earrings and bracelets whereas I like gold, and prefer rings and necklaces. 

“And we have all these shades because everyone is so shady these days. 

We have three draws for our Louboutins. One for the shoes which have a personality of their own.

“I just love sunglasses, why not? Who doesn’t love sunglasses.
“And our sunglasses are like smothered in diamonds. Who doesn’t like sunglasses smothered in diamonds?

“But alot of our jewellery is really sentimental to us. Every big milestone that I have my mummy will give me, a piece of her jewellery that she was given. 

“I have a gold ring given to me by my father when I turned 12, I have a little gold ring, which my mum had since she was 13, and I have a graduation ring, any traveller that you know will have a graduation ring, I got it when I was three but I started wearing it when I was 14.”

But it is not all about the designer clothes for Caitlin and Lizzy, as when it comes to their wardrobe and choosing their outfits they love high-street brands.

Lizzy says: “As you can tell we love our brands. 

“Our favourites are Pretty Little Thing, Asos, Oh Polly, BooHoo, Missguided, I Saw It First, so a lot of our clothes we get online and then others are gifted to us as well.  

“Me and Caitlin like to go matching in everything that we wear, it was forced upon us as children and we haven’t stopped since.

“I think that we can all agree that your mummy would force you into these outfits to match.”

And when the girls can’t find exactly what they are looking for in the shops, they will just design and make up their own clothes. 

Lizzy says: “We love to upcycle. If I don’t like a particular outfit, I am going to change it.

“I am not going to just throw it away, or sell it. 

“I like to envision how I would wear it. We have upcycled things from tracksuits into dresses, crop tops and shorts. We make all our Halloween costumes because we want to be different. 

“When making an outfit we always think of all the possibilities that can go with it and we think about what would match our individual style.

“So for example Caitlin likes dresses and I like two pieces so we would probably use the same material but wear the outfits differently to match our personalities.

“Organisation is key because you can’t jump in if you don’t have all the materials you need.”

Organised events and parties are seen as a big deal to travellers as this is where they will find their future husbands and wives, so it is important to make an effort. 

We make all our Halloween costumes because we want to be different

But besides this, keeping up their appearances is always important to Caitlin and Lizzy – plus being cooped up in lockdown like the rest of the UK only gives them more of a reason to dress up. 

Lizzy says: “There have been a lot of birthdays and a lot of events that have not been on because of lockdown so June 21st will be big. 

“I don’t think people care anymore if people will go OTT. It is never too much if you have been inside for a few years.

“Every traveller girl does not like wearing the same thing, that’s why we put so much effort into our outfits and try to find something different, new and unique that nobody else has worn. 

“I think social media has a huge influence on every culture and how fashion changes for them especially with the travelling culture, a lot of girls want to wear the best, be the best, and have the best. 

“Everyone remembers the travellers from My Big Fat Gypsie wedding and they think that is the fashion we have no, but that was like 10 years ago. 

“That was very tacky and too many diamonds and things like that. 

“But be honest, I think nobody has style in the naughties, so don’t even come for us. That was back then.”

Caitlin adds: “We personally think that you will notice a traveller by their big hair, their bling, and probably their eyebrows. 

“A lot of travellers nowadays are fashion influencers, and bloggers so they have to keep up with the trends.”

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