Over 4,200 Shoppers Are Obsessed with This $13 Swimsuit Cover Up That Comes in 29 Styles

With warmer weather on the horizon, it's easy to start daydreaming about your next beach vacation. Before you book a nearby Airbnb or start planning a getaway, you need a few essentials: On top of a cute bathing suit, you'll want to get a stylish swimsuit cover up. And Amazon shoppers are obsessed with the Eicolorte swimsuit sarong that comes in tons of fun colors. The best part? It starts at just $13.

The lightweight, breathable cover up is perfect for throwing on after taking a dip in the pool or sunbathing on the beach. Made of polyester material, it has a sheer look that provides some coverage, but not too much that it'll hide your swimsuit (hey, you bought that one-piece for a reason!).

Buy It! Eicolorte Swimsuit Cover Up, $12.99; amazon.com

What's especially nice about the thin cover up is how versatile it is. Reviewers have found multiple ways to wear it, whether it's around the waist as a skirt, twisted around the chest as a strapless dress, or around the neck as a halter. Some even said they've used it as a beach blanket or towel, so however you use it, it'll be a super handy addition to your beach bag.

Adorned with tassel details on the hems, the beach cover up is so popular, it has more than 4,200 five-star ratings and has earned a spot on Amazon's list of best-selling women's swimwear cover ups. Some reviewers love it so much that they've bought  a second wrap because one just wasn't enough. It's a good thing it comes in three styles — short, long, and skirt — and 22 exciting colors, so you can mix and match with multiple swimsuits. 

Buy It! Eicolorte Swimsuit Cover Up, $13.99; amazon.com

"Love this so much! Not too skimpy, but not overwhelming material," one person wrote. "I live in Florida and will use this a lot… Just a beautiful pattern and material. Love everything about it. Ordering another pattern very soon." 

"This was surprisingly a staple of my vacation!" said another. "It went with and over all of my outfits. The fabric dried really quickly and was easily usable as a makeshift towel to sit on. Sand came right off when you shook it. It was a little bit long for me but definitely not a deal breaker."

It's time to retire your frumpy towel and get the effortlessly stylish Eicolorte Sarong Cover Up for just $13. 

Buy It! Eicolorte Swimsuit Cover Up, $12.99; amazon.com

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