Pandora fan uses easy hack to clean her jewellery is absolutely disgusted by the results

A WOMAN showed just how much dirt can be hiding on jewellery when she used this super simple cleaning hack – and there’s no need to buy specific jewellery cleaning products.

Her rings and bracelet are absolutely sparkling after trying this hack, and viewers can’t wait to try it for themselves.

Tiktok user Jess filmed a tutorial on how to clean Pandora jewellery and shared it with her followers.

First, just fill a bowl with some water.

Though Jess uses boiling water, Pandora employees have commented on the post advising the use of lukewarm water instead to ensure that gems don’t fall out of the jewellery.

The next step is to squeeze Fairy Liquid into the bowl.

Then, simply pop your jewellery into the soapy water and leave to soak.

After just 20 minutes, Jess’s jewellery had made the water a murky beige colour.

Within 40 minutes, the water had turned brown and bits of debris were floating in the mixture.

After taking the jewellery out of the soapy water, Jess’s rings and bracelet were super shiny and looked brand new.

The video has racked up 390,000 views and commenters can’t wait to try the hack.

“Need to do this asap”, said one commenter.

Others had already tried the hack and confirmed just how well it works.

“I’ve been doing this over years and is the best solution. Can confirm 100% is safe”, advised one viewer.

“The comments saying to use silver dip, don’t use silver dip! I used to work there and it really ruins the products! Fairy liquid is the way to go!”

Another Pandora fan wrote: “Best thing I find is luekwarm water, fairy liquid in a bowl and also a very soft toothbrush to gently scrub the harsher dirt away.”

Pandora employees commented on the post, confirming that Fairy Liquid and water are a better solution for the products than silver dip or other jewellery cleaning products.

“I work in Pandora and we do advise this but with lukewarm water”, one employee said, while a second advised: “I used to work in Pandora, I recommend lukewarm water.”

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