Parents share snaps of babies having a tantrum… and the ridiculous reasons for their meltdowns will make you smile

LIFE as a toddler can be difficult and exhausting – but spare a thought for the parents who are trying to keep them under control.

These photos of children throwing unnecessary tantrums over the little things in life prove how stressful, and hilarious, being the parent of a toddler can be.

People have been submitting their stories to parenting blogs, including Tumblr site Reasons My Son Is Crying, which is run by a dad who wanted to share his toddler's ridiculous outbursts.

One boy flew into a tantrum when he couldn't leave the house with a tampon.

Another took an instant dislike to actor Bill Murray and burst into tears, while another objected when mum stopped him eating dirt.

They may be in meltdown, but just how cute are these kids!

Soiled himself

Not a morning person

Won't go with the flow

Can't handle it

There's muffin he can do

Acting up

Not a-muesli-d

Sibling rivalry

Train-wreck tantrum

It's getting him down-ey

There's muffin-g left!

Daddy's little girl

Waiting impatiently


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