People are freaking out about having bad hair during coronavirus quarantine

You’re about to see everyone’s true colors.

With hair salons shuttering — along with all other nonessential services during the coronavirus pandemic — chic New Yorkers are freaking out about their hair. Some are pleading with stylists to make house calls, others are asking for self-trimming tips and a few unlucky ones are learning that dye jobs are better left to the pros.

“I have never done my own color before, but my roots were terrible,’’ Upper East Sider Annette Hanson tells The Post. Last week, the beauty consultant was at her place in Palm Beach, glued to the news. With a sinking feeling, she realized that Paul Labrecque, the salon she’s frequented for 25 years, would likely be closed before she could get back to New York. So she rushed to the drugstore for a box of dye.

It went badly.

“I did the best I could in my dimly lit bathroom,” says Hanson, 65. “I got dye all over, the roots came out bright red, and since I had existing highlights and lowlights, the rest of my hair was a variety of shades. My hair quickly became unusually dry and frizzy. I thought, ‘Oh boy, I should never have tried this!’ ’’

Colorist Janelle Kemp of Midtown’s Guy Thomas Salon isn’t surprised by her experience. At-home dyeing, she says, is a “disaster.”

“I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from clients sounding very desperate,” says Kemp, who is the wife of Post editor Joe Kemp. But she says the risk just isn’t worth it. For one, you can wind up doing harm to your locks that outlasts lockdown.

“You might . . . have to cut a lot of your hair off, because it’s damaged,” she says.

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