People are making coffee-flavoured fruit cake in their slow cookers and you only need three ingredients

WITH stockpilers leaving shelves empty, baking enthusiasts are struggling to get hold of the ingredients they need.

However, one cook has shared their VERY simple recipe for a coffee flavoured fruit cake, and you only need three ingredients.

Taking to the Facebook group Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips, they shared the simple recipe.

All you will need for the ‘iced coffee fruit cake’ is, unsurprisingly, some iced coffee, mixed fruit and self raising flour.

While you do have to soak the fruit in the iced coffee overnight, the rest of the method couldn’t be easier.

Simply stir in the flour in the morning and bake on a low setting for seven hours to get the perfect texture (full recipe below).

Iced-coffee fruit cake recipe


  • 750ml iced-coffee
  • 1kg of mixed dried fruit
  • 256g self-raising flour


Soak fruit in iced coffee overnight.

In the morning, mix in the flour and pour into a greased cake tin, placing in the slow cooker.

Pour water up the sides of cake pan in slow cooker. Place tea towel underneath and put on low for 7 hours.

This means you can get on with your day, and look forward to freshly baked cake by the evening.

Commenting on their bake, the home cook wrote: “Yum. Easy Peasy. Not heavy at all.

“You could add more ingredients but I love the simplicity of just 3. Definitely will make again. Super moist cake.”

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