People are sharing their worst cleaning fails online that prove that not everyone is Mrs Hinch

THANKS to Mrs Hinch – we definitely enjoy cleaning our home more than we used to.

But let's face it,they're still called chores for a reason.

Well if you're ever been guilty of putting off the washing up or not mopping the floors for a few weeks, then this Bored Panda picture gallery might make you feel better.

From the bloke who hoovered his garden to the girl who got her hair caught in a robot vacuum, these have got to be are the biggest cleaning fails on the internet.

And we'll warn you now – they might put you off chores for a little while.

Grassed Up

Hairy situation

Knot okay

Toe the line

Skid marks

Hair us out

Line drawn

For more cleaning stories, this savvy woman revealed how she cleans inside of her radiator with washing powder and the results are seriously grim.

And this cleaning fan got her filthy oven sparkling by using a £1.99 window scraper.

Plus this woman said she’ll ‘NEVER iron again’ after £2.50 B&M spray made crumpled bed sheets look freshly pressed.

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