People say I'm spoilt because my parents bought me a house – I'm not, I'm getting the furniture & pay the bills

A WOMAN was criticised for being spoilt because her parents bought her a house – but she said she’s buying the furniture and paying the mortgage, so there’s nothing wrong with it. 

TikTok user Dima showcased her spacious new home to followers, but the clip also showed that there was absolutely no furniture in the living room.

Dima captioned the clip: “When your parents buy you the house but say you’re on your own for furniture.”

Some commenters accused Dima of taking the house for granted.

“When your parents what?” asked one stunned commenter, while another wrote: “You’re so lucky, remember that.”

“I would like to have that problem”, wrote another.

Another shocked viewer said: “Your parents bought you a whole house?? Must be nice.”

Many commenters, however, rushed to Dima’s defence and said people were just jealous.

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“Why are people always so pressed when it comes to someone showing something like this? Like, y’all are quick to assume on her”, said one supportive viewer. 

A second agreed: “People be talking as if it’s her fault her parents worked hard to give her a stable life. 

“Why is everyone so bitter?”, asked one viewer, “What’s wrong with parents willing to pay to make their child’s life easier like how their parents paid for them?”

Dima herself responded to the negative commenters, and stressed that she is also financially contributing to her new home.

She wrote: “Since some of y’all pressed and cant take a joke: I pay mortgage, tax, hoa (Homeowners’ Association) and I have a tech job.”

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