People with Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain Swear by These Comfortable Walking Sandals

When the summer rolls around, you probably spend the first few weeks trying to determine if this pair of sandals and that maxi skirt can hold up for yet another season of wear. And while the clothing might be good for the next few years, it's likely last year's sandals are covered in grime and look, well, a little bedraggled. Rather than spend a considerable amount of money on a new pair that will be just as tattered by the end of the season, consider opting for a pair of the affordable Lancholy Women's Original Sandals, which are under $30 on Amazon. 

The sandals — which many shoppers say are comparable to Teva's strappy version — are designed with a yoga mat insole and rubber sole that absorbs impact, making them exceptionally comfortable whether you're heading out on hike or just to dinner. The polyester lining is durable and dries quickly after getting wet, so they're an ideal companion poolside or at the beach. Plus, the skid-resistant rubber outsole provides secure footing, preventing you from accidently slipping. 

Buy It! Lancholy Women's Original Sandals, $25.48 with coupon (orig. $29.98);

With these sandals, you won't have to worry about chafing or blisters thanks to the adjustable straps that have built-in pads to reduce discomfort. Additionally, the sandals provide support for those who have conditions like plantar fasciitis, foot and knee pain, arthritis, bunions, supination, and overpronation. Shoppers can choose from 23 colors and patterns available in sizes 6 to 11.

Nearly 2,000 Amazon customers have given these sandals a five-star rating, with many calling them the "perfect summer sandal" and "great walking sandals." One shopper goes on to say that these are a "great dupe for Tevas."

"These are my ultimate favorite shoes," a five-star reviewer says. "I was very close to purchasing a pair of Tevas when I saw this brand at a significantly lower price. I went on a weeklong camping trip and I wore them 24/7 for walking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, you name it. [They] didn't give me a single blister. I normally struggle with flip flops and sneakers because I'm flat footed, but these were a dream to wear and kept my feet super comfortable. Now I'm back home and don't want to wear anything else!"

Buy It! Lancholy Women's Original Sandals, $25.48 with coupon (orig. $29.98);

"Bought these for my Disney World trip and they are amazing," another shopper shares. "I never got the chance to break them in before they came which I was worried about, but that wasn't a problem. They are very comfortable and pretty cute! I walked 10 to 12 miles a day with a total of 20,000 steps a day, and they really did amazing. In fact, my friend with Tevas had to switch shoes because her feet were killing her." 

Whether last year's sandals are in the trash or you are simply over getting blisters, shop the Lancholy Women's Original Sandals starting at $25.48 on Amazon.  

Buy It! Lancholy Women's Original Sandals, $25.48 with coupon (orig. $29.98);

Buy It! Lancholy Women's Original Sandals, $29.98;

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