Peta Todd on why women should sparkle every day – not just special occassions

But would it really be that bad for somebody to look at me and think I actually care about my appearance? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, is it?

It seems strange that in an age where so much revolves around image and perception – putting the perfect pictures of ourselves on social media – that I should feel so uncomfortable with standing out.

I tend to save clothes for “best”. I have a wardrobe of outfits and shoes that never see the light of day because a normal Tuesday is just not swish enough for anything other than ripped jeans and T-shirt.

It reminds me of my gran having a wooden box full of cutlery that was to be saved for special occasions, but not even birthdays or Christmas were grand enough to crack them out.

We’d be lucky to see them once in a blue moon when the vicar popped round for a cup of Rosie Lee.

It was my birthday the other day, and myself and Mark were going out for dinner to a lovely restaurant.

I had a beaut pair of new boots that I wanted to wear and a dress in mind that still had a tag on. I bought it four years ago but had never managed to wear it beyond my bedroom door.

So I whacked on the dress and my sexy new boots and came downstairs, ready to go. But I looked in the mirror and swiftly ran upstairs to throw some jeans on – my nice, safe jeans.

Then I stopped in my tracks – what was I doing? It’s almost Christmas, after all. I thought I should force myself to wear the treasures hidden in my closet or the loud and sparkly garms of my dreams.

After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

My full-length, sequined silver skirt caught my eye from the back of the wardrobe. I was going in. If not today, on my birthday, then when? It was as good a day as any to wear my Sunday best.

Well I can tell you now, I fell in love with that skirt more and more by the second. I felt like a peacock – a blingy, fabulous peacock.

I don’t remember the last time clothes changed my mood, but this frock did.

People commented on it but only to say what fun it was or ask where it was from.

It made me smile. I’m pretty sure I had a bounce in my step as I shed a trail of shedding sequins everywhere I went.

So I didn’t save this resolution for New Year. Right there and then I decided l am going to wear clothes that make me happy, no matter how glitzy or fancy.

Make more days a special occasion, as you never know what they may hold or when the vicar might pop round for tea.

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