PORTER and 'Gundam' Issue Bags Fit for Char Aznable and the Zeon Army

As Japanese bagsmith PORTER continues its 85th anniversary festivities, the long-running label has been enlisted by Gundam apparel outfit STRICT-G for a special selection of thematic accessories. Various bags and pouches have been enlivened with imagery borrowed from fan favorite Char Aznable and the Zeon Army, retaining PORTER’s famous attention to detail.

10 unique pieces inform this release, comprising PORTER classics like three-way helmet bags, briefcase, shoulder bags and even a key case. All of the goods are appropriately available in militaristic olive or black, complete with a plethora of elegant details.

For instance, PORTER’s iconic nylon shells are now graced by intarsia-printed Zeon emblems, while gold hardware and red trim recall the army’s uniforms and Aznable’s nickname, “Red Comet,” respectively. Inside, co-branded tags seal the deal, gently underscoring the drop’s collaborative nature.

Shop the special PORTER collection on STRICT-G’s web store.

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