Queen launching a royal brown sauce to rival HP for £6.99 a bottle

THE monarchy is to battle again with the Houses of Parliament — launching a brown sauce to rival HP.

A royal ketchup is also splattering on the market — but both will need a substantial sauce of income at £6.99 a bottle.

The “Royal Estate” condiments are produced at the Queen’s place in Sandringham, Norfolk.

Although a repeat of the English Civil War is unlikely, they will be in competition with sauce giant Heinz, which has a royal warrant to produce our mealtime table toppers.

Sandringham’s Tomato Sauce has dates, apple juice and spices, and is “ideal for breakfast or any time of the day”.

It will set you back an eye-watering £6.99 for a 295g bottle, compared to 60p for Sainsbury’s 460g version.

Sandringham’s Brown Sauce is “packed with vinegar and spices”. But it is less than half the size of a 600g bottle of Heinz-owned HP — £2.89 at Tesco.

Norfolk local Kate Taylor, 41, said: “If I’m paying £6.99 for a bottle of something I want wine in it.”

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