Real-life Barbie blasts critics who call her ‘plastic’ and ‘fake’ insisting she’s NEVER had surgery – The Sun

A WOMAN who has modelled her entire image on Barbie has hit out at haters who brand her ‘plastic’ claiming she’s never had cosmetic surgery.

Marcela Iglesias, originally from Argentina but now lives in California, said her obsession with the doll started at a young age.

Marcela, a real estate investor, claims her mother refused to buy her the toy growing up, fuelling her obsession with it.

She would stuff her bra and pants to try and achieve the doll’s legendary curves, and was over the moon when she developed her own after hitting puberty.

She said: “My obsession with the Barbie doll started from a very young age; I always loved how the doll looked and the glamorous appearance she has.

“The only problem was that my mother never wanted me to buy one because she didn't like the doll, she kept saying that she preferred to buy me another type of doll like baby dolls or cabbage patch kids.

"So, I never owned a Barbie doll as a child. As time passed by, I became more obsessed with the aesthetics of the doll because every single one of the Barbies look perfect to me.

“I started to stuff my boobs and the butt to resemble the doll more but when my body developed into a curvier shape, it looked very voluptuous all of a sudden.”

But Marcela, married to Steven, decided that wasn’t enough, and began to alter her image to try and look like Barbie.

The mum-of-one said: “It was then when I started thinking of becoming a ‘Human doll’ as I now have the curves of the doll and I’m not a child anymore.

“I started to buy more clothes to change my style and I started wearing my mum’s very high heels, I also did my first highlights at the age of fourteen to appear blonder as I was naturally brunette.

“I started going to the gym to look more fit and toned. At some point I knew that I had to do some other procedures to look more like the doll, but I’ve always been afraid of plastic surgery.”

Despite never going under the knife, she’s enhanced her look through Botox, fillers and a Spider Webb bum lift.

She hit out at her haters who branded her ‘plastic’, claiming her look is cleverly achieved – taking her 40 minutes each day.

Marcela, who set up lifestyle brand ‘Plastics of Hollywood’, said: “I always thought of the possibility of breast implants but for some reason after over twenty consultations I still have hesitations about them. So, I put that idea aside.

“Living in Hollywood helps a lot because there's a lot of stuff that I can buy to look more like the doll; I achieve my look with contact lenses, wigs, make up and outfits.

“Lots of people accuse me of looking fake but if you know me in person, you'll totally see that my beauty is natural and yes I usually create the look with make-up but that doesn't mean that I am a plastic person.”

Her husband supports her look, and has even had some procedures himself to look more like a Ken doll, including a platysma plasty, chin implant, Botox, fillers and PDO threads.

Marcela added: “I go out looking like a Barbie or a human doll and usually the people love it and they can sometimes be surprised by someone that looks completely different and I like the attention, it’s always positive in my opinion.

“I admire what the doll represents more than how she looks; I am very respectful of the image of the Barbie doll as I want to encourage all men and women around the world to pursue their dreams and to achieve the look they want.

“But I always say that surgery should be considered the last choice; I want to be perceived as a very strong woman that knows what she wants rather than a ‘bimbo’.

“Barbie is an inspiration to be whatever you want to be. You control your own destiny.”

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