Rejina Pyo Launches Collection with & Other Stories

Rejina Pyo has stealthily become one of London’s brightest rising fashion stars—building a business slowly, mindfully, and with original designs that have cultivated a loyal following. Her latest venture is a collaboration with & Other Stories, resulting in a collection of relaxed suiting and pretty dresses created from silk and wool sourced through the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). The South Korea-born designer created pieces for the busy, nuanced lives of women she’s influenced by, and cast some of those very women in the collection campaign. “I was keen to include women I find inspiring: Lotta Klemmings, Sweden’s only female oyster diver, Brittany Asch, an incredible LA-based florist, and Poppy Okotcha, a UK-based grower and forager,” Pyo explains, “Together, they express the strength, passion and connection to nature that I relate to.” Below the designer opens up about the collection—which comes in at a lower price point than her main line ($119-$249)—and creativity in a pandemic.

Why was now a good time to do a collaboration for you?

We regularly receive requests for collaborations, however & Other Stories stood out to me. So many women love the brand and it was an exciting prospect to share my designs with their audience.

What was your inspiration for it?

This co-lab is inspired by some of my most beloved Rejina Pyo pieces. We chose to focus on wearable ready-to-wear pieces that are timeless and add something special to the everyday life of the woman wearing it. The collection features relaxed suiting, iconic Rejina Pyo dresses and wearable pieces to mix seamlessly into the wardrobe. My personal style tends to mix feminine dresses with more masculine suiting, which is reflected here.

Why did you say yes to & Other Stories in particular?

By collaborating with & Other Stories we’re excited to introduce Rejina Pyo pieces to an even wider audience. I don’t believe in trend-based design, I design for my mood, and for what I want to be wearing. I believe real style is a personal thing, and it cannot be defined or controlled by trends. The & Other Stories woman likes to experiment with her wardrobe and is all about personal style. I think the customer will love how versatile and special each piece in this collection is.

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What has this past year meant for you in terms of your creative process?

This season was unique, as it was designed in lockdown, and I was between Ireland and our office in Korea at this time. There were unique challenges involved as a lot of the time the team couldn’t be together or meet with any of the & Other Stories teams in person to work on the designs. I think because of this I was really inspired to create what I wanted to wear when lockdown ended, and we could travel and see our friends again.

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