Rihanna launches 10-piece bedroom ‘Xcessories’ collection, featuring leather whips, satin blindfolds and fluffy handcuffs

The pop star documented her love for some naughty gear in her 2011 song – aptly named S&M.

In it the siren sings about how “chains and whips excite me”, leaving little to interpretation.

But it seems she’s turned her fantasies into reality with a new 10-piece collection of sexy accessories.

Part of her Savage X Fenty range, which includes make-up and lingerie, she just dropped her sexy accessories collection.

It features nines pieces – handcuffs, whips, crops, eye-masks, garters, eye-mask with tieback, restraints, sashes and two kinds of pasties.

  • Lace Eye Mask With Tie Back, £20, Savage X Fenty – buy now

The range comes in two shades, black aka caviar, or lilac, aka fairy dust.

And there’s a variety of of materials too, with lace, marabou, satin, and leather on offer.

With prices ranging from £13.70 to £18.27, you don’t have to break the bank to get a piece of the action, just a sweat.

  • Rose Gold Tone Crop, £24, Savage X Fenty – buy now

  • Satin Pasties, £20, Savage X Fenty – buy now

  • Lace Garter, £20, Savage X Fenty – buy now

  • Kitty whip, £24, Savage X Fenty – buy now

  • Satin Restraints, £20, Savage X Fenty – buy now

  • Marabou Handcuffs, £24, Savage X Fenty – buy now

  • Satin Sash, £24, Savage X Fenty – buy now

  • Padded eye mask, £22, Savage X Fenty – buy now

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