Royal family latest news: Queen 'wants to host family for Christmas' & Prince Andrew's legal team releases new fight

THE QUEEN 'wants to host family for Christmas' it has been reported despite her recent health concerns and orders to rest.

Despite pulling out of COP-26The Mirror have said Her Majesty is determined to recover soon so she can see her family at their traditional festive gathering according to royal sources.

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew has claimed that Virginia Giuffre "worked to find sl*tty girls for Jeffrey Epstein."

It comes as the Duke of York's legal team accused his alleged victim of profiting from the Epstein scandal and claimed she filed the lawsuit because she was out for another "payday".

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  • Louis Allwood

    Queen ‘totally committed’ to hosting Christmas

    THE QUEEN is said to be “totally committed” to hosting Christmas at Sandringham with her family after resting up following a hospital visit.

    An insider said the Royal Family‘s gathering at the monarch‘s much-loved country retreat will be a “perfect tonic” after she was forced to cancel royal engagements due to her health this month.

    The Queen is now recovering at Windsor Castle after having tests and spending a night in the hospital last week.

    According to royal sources, she hopes to make a speedy recovery to spend the festive period with the rest of the Royal Family.

    It will also be her first Christmas since Prince Philip died in April this year and insiders said Her Majesty is keen to meet everyone at Sandringham.

    A source told The Mirror: “This year, more than ever, it is incredibly important to Her Majesty to be surrounded by her loved ones.

    “The Queen is totally committed to hosting everyone as she hopes to make it back to full health in the coming weeks.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Out of sight

    Prince Andrew will be pulled from all Platinum Jubilee events after a US court set a deadline for the sex abuse case close to the Queen’s 70-year celebrations.

    The Duke of York will not even appear with Her Majesty and senior royals on the Buckingham Palace balcony for an RAF flypast.

    Andrew, 61, who has stepped down from royal duties, will be kept away from all events next summer.

    A source said: “The plan is for him to be invisible during celebrations.”

    Paedo Jeffrey Epstein’s former sex slave Virginia Roberts Giuffre is suing the duke for sexual assault, including rape in the first degree, in 2001 when she was 17.

  • Louis Allwood

    Royals trying to boost their profile

    Royal author Phil Dampier told Fabulous that: “William and Kate have always been very popular in the US but have not been there for some time so they will want to boost their profile and next year, during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year, would be a golden opportunity.”

    Phil also said the chances of William and Kate staying in the Sussexes’ £11million Santa Barbara mansion are slim.

    He added: “If they stayed with Harry it would turn into a circus and also be a security nightmare, taking attention away from the green cause, so I expect William and Kate to concentrate on their efforts and not meet up with them.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Clash of the royals

    Prince William learned an all important lesson on his wedding day – that being; you ‘don’t mess with grandma.’

    Prince William‘s outfit was the one that actually caused quite a stir in the Palace.

    A year after he tied the knot, the Duke of Cambridge admitted during an interview with ABC that he’d clashed with The Queen over what he wore on his wedding day.

    He said: “What I really wanted to wear was the Irish Guards frock coat.

    “We had a couple of discussions on this matter but, as I learnt growing up, you don’t mess with your grandmother.

    “What she says goes!”

  • Louis Allwood

    Meghan failed to realise one crucial thing when joining the Royals

    According to a royal expert, Meghan Markle failed to realise that joining the Royal Family is “not a sprint”.

    Royal biographer Andrew Morton told the Royally Us podcast: “The old motto, never complain never explain, is a good one.

    “What I think she failed to realise, is that the monarchy and being part of the Royal Family is not a sprint.

    “It’s not hitting the ground running, then keeping on running.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Prince Charles puts out warning

    Prince Charles has made it clear and warned world leaders ahead of the weekend’s COP26 climate summit to cast their differences aside “in order to rescue this planet”.

    The UK is hosting the UN climate change summit in Glasgow – which begins today.

    Prince Charles is due to give an opening address to the nearly 200 heads of state who will be in attendance, following the news that the Queen will no longer be attending the summit after an overnight stay in hospital.

    The Prince of Wales said: “By working together we can actually address our global issues and never more important than now, when it seems to me we need to bury our differences in order to rescue this planet and everything it means, this miraculous planet, for the future of generations to come.

    “As I said recently, I totally understand the frustration and despair of so many young people that these issues are taking too long to be properly addressed so we hope at Cop26 there will be progress.

    “As world leaders prepare to head to Glasgow next week, where we will be looking for them to take genuine steps to address climate change and biodiversity loss, it is particularly gratifying I think to see that the British Council is pursuing programmes like the climate connection which encourages innovative climate action.”

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    • Prince William was known as His Naughtiness when he was little and would stick his tongue out at people.
    • And Meghan Markle gives touching nod to Princess Diana while promoting children’s book from LA mansion.
    • Plus Prince William learned you ‘don’t mess with grandma’ following wedding ‘clash’ with The Queen.

    Special guests at COP26

    The Prince of Monaco, Prince Albert has announced his six-year-old twins, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, will accompany him at the Cop26 climate change summit in Glasgow.

    This is while Princess Charlene remains in South Africa.

    Albert told People magazine he “didn’t want to leave them alone” in Monaco as Charlene remained in South Africa after her long term illness preventing her from returning home.

    The prince also confirmed that the twins will want to do their own things during the visit, saying: “They will have their own agenda… visits to museums and little places of interest.”

    Queen still able to do some duties

    The Queen will spend the next two weeks – on the advice of doctors.

    She’s said to be in good spirits – on Thursday, she virtually awarded poet David Constantine the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry.

    Her Majesty said the award was “rather a nice medal” and asked Mr Constantine if he planned to put it in a cupboard.

    Constantine was at Buckingham Palace to receive the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry 2020, and was joined by the chair of the judging committee, the Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage.

    • Louis Allwood

      Meghan Markle has been mocked again

      An Aussie TV host burst into laughter after Meghan Markle did a book reading of her newest release ‘The Bench’.

      The Sunrise Australia hosts burst into laughter as they viewed a video of the Duchess of Sussex reading her children’s book The Bench.

      Her performance did not win over Sunrise hosts Karl Stefanovic, Allison Langdon and Alex Cullen, who could be heard laughing as they played the video of the Duchess of Sussex live.

    • Louis Allwood

      That’s one tough year

      The monarch had 295 engagements during 2019 – and has pursued a punishing schedule following the Duke of Edinburgh’s death, carrying out 120 official appointments in 194 days.

      • February/March – Harry & Meghan made Megxit official with an explosive Oprah interview claiming the family did not support Meghan and questioned Archie’s skin colour
      • April – The loss of her beloved husband Philip who died aged 99
      • August/September – Prince Andrew hides with his mother at Balmoral to avoid summons over allegations of sleeping with a 17-year-old trafficking victim
      • September – Prince Charles’ key aid is forced to step down over allegations the charity lobbied for honours for key donors
      • October – The Queen’s declining health means she has had to spend nights in hospital and will be forced to miss the COP26 summit

      First dates

      According to the biography Finding Freedom, the couple’s first date was at Soho’s Dean Street Townhouse in 2016.

      Royal biographers Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand say the pair were “in their own little world” as they traded talk about making “change for good”, while sitting on plush “velvet club chairs”.

      “‘Almost immediately they were obsessed with each other,’ a friend told the authors. ‘It was as if Harry was in a trance.’”

      The couple tied the knot in Windsor in May 2018 before quitting the Royal Family in January 2020 and moving to the exclusive Californian neighbourhood of Montecito.

      Prince William was known as His Naughtiness when he was little

      PRINCE William gained the nickname of His Naughtiness when he was little and would stick his tongue out at people, claims a royal author. 

      According to Robert Lacey’s Battle of Brothers: William and Harry – The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult, the young heir was a “boisterous” child. 

      The royal author wrote of William: “With Charles proving to be an equally worshipping and indulgent parent, William became a law unto himself – loud and boisterous and earning the nickname ‘His Royal Naughtiness’ following his poor behaviour at his brother Harry’s christening in December 1984. 

      “The little prince had wriggled continuously and rolled his eyes with real insolence towards his father when he was not allowed to cuddle his baby brother.

      “It was part of a pattern. William had developed the habit of sticking out his tongue at people as well as wielding his water pistol with gay abandon – squirting at least one guard at Highgrove who remained standing obediently at attention until he was soaked through.”

      Unearthed clip of the Queen talking about Santa Claus leaves people in tears (Continued…)

      The people of Twitter couldn’t get enough of the adorable moment.

      People were particular enamoured with the little boy’s delighted face when he found out that the Queen believed in Santa like he did.

      One said: “His bright little face. He’s so thrilled to be talking to Her Majesty”.

      Another said: “It brings a tear to my eye, knowing that the Queen’s reign will not last forever”.

      Unearthed clip of the Queen talking about Santa Claus leaves people in tears

      A SWEET video of the Queen talking about Santa Claus with a little boy back in 1989 resurfaced on Twitter and royal fans can’t get enough of it.

      The brief clip, which was taken from that year’s Christmas message, showed Her Royal Highness speaking to a group of children at the festively decorated Royal Albert Hall.

      The star-struck children chatted to her at the end of her speech.

      She asked one of the lads where they were from, to which he replied: “I’m from Malaysia”.

      The confident youngster then got right down to the good stuff posing the all important question to the monarch.

      He said: “Do you believe in Father Christmas?”

      The Queen replied: “I like to believe in Father Christmas, yes.”

      • Louis Allwood

        ‘Nobody wants to touch them’

        The Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved to the luxurious Montecito residence, a known celebrity hotspot located just east of Santa Barbara on the Pacific Highway coast.

        Homes in the areas are millions of dollars, with the Sussexes’ pad thought to be bought for around $10million.

        However, royal commentator Lady Colin Campbell told her YouTube channel the pair are yet to settle in with some of their rich neighbours.

        She said: “Last night, I was at something in London with some very very famous stars who have a place in Montecito. And of course, Meghan and Harry’s names came up.

        “And they told me what I have been told by other friends of mine, who know the Montecito scene or have places in Montecito. And the billionaires don’t want to touch them, nobody wants to touch them.”

      • Louis Allwood

        Royal reminder

        The official Royal Family Twitter account has very thoughtfully reminded those in the UK that clocks go back tonight.

        There are over 1,000 clocks within Her Majesty’s official residence and each timepiece is conserved by a specialist horologist.

        Each one will be set back an hour.

      • Louis Allwood

        Queen ‘hopes to return to horse riding’ by spring

        THE Queen is determined to return to horse riding despite being forced to stop until spring, it’s reported.

        Her Majesty, 95, was forced to give up her favourite pastime two months ago after suffering “discomfort”.

        The royal monarch stayed overnight in hospital last Wednesday, before returning to Windsor Castle to recuperate.

      • Louis Allwood

        Meghan’s new book reading

        Meghan Markle read her new kids’ book ‘The Bench this week, and took to praise the artist who did the “beautiful and ethereal watercolour” illustrations.

        Meghan said previously: “Christian layered in beautiful and ethereal watercolour illustrations that capture the warmth, joy and comfort of the relationship between fathers and sons from all walks of life.

        “This representation was particularly important to me and Christian and I worked closely to depict this special bond through an inclusive lens.

        “My hope is that The Bench resonates with every family, no matter the make up, as much as it does with me.”

        The book – Meghan’s first – was published in June this year days after the birth of her second child, Lilibet Diana.

      • Louis Allwood

        Xmas return

        According to a new report, The Duke of Sussex is understood to be feeling “helpless” at his LA home after his grandmother was admitted to hospital last week.

        And a source claims he is now preparing to return to the UK with Meghan, Archie and Lilibet within the coming weeks.

        The source told US Weekly that Harry went into “panic mode” and has been “checking in non-stop”.

        They alleged he “feels guilty about not saying goodbye” in person to Prince Philip, who died in April.

        “He would never forgive himself if the same thing happened with his beloved grandmother,” the source said.

      • Louis Allwood

        Egypt and Jordan on the cards

        The first overseas tour since COVID-19 pandemic will see Prince Charles head to Egypt and Jordan next month.

        Charles, 72, will be accompanied by his wife Camilla for the four-day trip which is due to begin in the middle of November.

        The Prince’s twitter account released the following statement.

        “Charles, 72, will be accompanied by his wife Camilla for the four-day trip which is due to begin on Nov. 16.

        “The tour will focus on the climate crisis and will explore how leaders can implement commitments following COP26.”

      • Amelia Beltrao

        Which way does he turn?

        PRINCE Harry was “very angry” and “didn’t know which way to turn” before he met Meghan Markle, a royal expert has claimed.

        Appearing on Podcast Royal, biographer Andrew Morton argued that the Duke of Sussex was drifting through life and “without compass” for years.

        The expert said: “Prince Harry was a very angry young man and he was taking on the world, he was taking on paparazzi photographers particularly.

        “He was stumbling out of bars dishevelled and worse the wear for drink and he didn’t seem to have a compass.”

        Describing how the dad-of-two “didn’t know which way to turn”, Andrew continued: “He was struggling to find himself and struggling with the loss of his mother, struggling to come to terms with it and as a young man, he wasn’t always the popular Harry of popular imagination.”

      • Louis Allwood

        Caution over Her Majesty’s diary

        Royal sources say they have been instructed to take a “careful and cautious approach” to Her Majesty’s diary in the future.

        Palace officials will create engagements for the Queen based on how she is feeling and whether she needs to travel.

        It is understood that there will be an “ever greater collaboration” between senior members of the royal family on future engagements, reports The Mirror.

        – but it is her “firm intention” to attend the Remembrance Sunday service the following day.

      • Louis Allwood

        Horse riding reined in

        The Queen was forced to give up horse riding two months ago after suffering “discomfort”.

        Her Majesty was told to rein in her equestrianism in early September but is determined to be back in the saddle again soon.

        The Sun understands the monarch, a keen horsewoman and avid racing fan, has not been out on a nag since her summer break in Scotland.

      • Amelia Beltrao

        Meghan and Harry’s first date

        According to the biography Finding Freedom, the couple’s first date was at Soho’s Dean Street Townhouse in 2016.

        Royal biographers Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand say the pair were “in their own little world” as they traded talk about making “change for good”, while sitting on plush “velvet club chairs”.

        “‘Almost immediately they were obsessed with each other,’ a friend told the authors. ‘It was as if Harry was in a trance.’”

        The couple tied the knot in Windsor in May 2018 before quitting the Royal Family in January 2020 and moving to the exclusive Californian neighbourhood of Montecito.

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