Do royals do hand-me-downs? We look at how Royal recycler Kate will dress her adorable new prince (HINT: expect to see George’s shorts before long)

Many of us will remember being given our older siblings cast-offs when we were kids.

But, while the crown jewels and similar treasures are passed down the royal generations, what about their togs?

In this day and age, where the family are constantly papped and their style critiqued, would they dream of dressing their little Prince in "secondhand" clothes?

Well, if past occasions are anything go by, the answer is yes.

In fact, the newborn even made his debut to the world swaddled in a hand-me-down.

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge introduced the little boy on the steps of the Lindo Wing, he was draped in a shawl believed to have been the same used for both Prince George and Princess Charlotte before him.

The ornate blanket can be seen on both of the baby's siblings and was made by GH Hurt and Sons in Nottinghamshire.

The new Prince's bonnet also looked to be the same as his older brother and sister's.

And, even Princess Charlotte has been spotted in George's "hand me downs" in the past.

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The little girl has been snapped an adorable blue cardigan, also worn by her big bro when he was younger.

We'll definitely be looking out for their little brother wearing the cardi, from Amaia, £44, in future.

And, it isn't just siblings that get cast-off's in the royal household – Charlotte has even worn her uncle Harry's old shoes.

Last year, on a trip to Poland, the cute tot was spotted wearing a pair of red strapped shoes that royal fashion fans could not find in the shops – because they'd originally belonged to Prince Harry when he was a child in the 80s.

We wonder what other vintage fashion choices the family may have in-store for the new Prince…

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