Salehe Bembury Profiled for Carrying Versace Shopping Bag

Salehe Bembury was profiled by two police officers just moments ago in Beverly Hills.

According to Bembury, he was walking from the Versace store with a few purchases and was stopped by two policemen who swiftly pulled up with their vehicle and stepped out to question Bembury. The officers stated they caught Bembury jaywalking and proceeded to check his I.D. after asking him to turn around for a search.

The next moments of the interaction were recorded on video, posted to Instagram, where Bembury explains how the officers were searching him for “shopping at the store [he] works for and just being Black.” While one officer was defending his intent, another had just finished checking Bembury’s ID. After Bembury asked “so you checked my ID. Do I have anything on my record?” the officer responded, “no sir, you’re good to go.” Following the interaction, the designer put up a Story explaining what happened in detail and how he was scared at the moment but confirmed that he’s now safe.

Scroll below to watch the interaction between Salehe Bembury and two officers below.

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