Savvy couple reveal B&Q hack which helped them create stunning panelled feature wall in bedroom for just £20

THESE days, it feels like we can't open Instagram without seeing yet another stunning panelled wall – and we're desperate to give the trend a try.

But while we always assumed it would cost a small fortune in wood, one savvy couple have revealed how they made their own for just £20.

Earlier this week, Becca Woods proudly showed off her new panelled wall in the Facebook group DIY on a Budget Official.

"Panelling and ['No More Nails' glue] cost just under £20 from B&Q," she wrote. "They cut the MDF for you!"

That's right, if you take your measurements into store then you don't need to faff about with chopping up wood at home – as we personally wouldn't know where to start.

Sharing the process on her TikTok account, Becca and her partner started by gluing the MDF panels onto the wall before priming them.

After this, she went over the white coat of primer with two layers of Dulux' Polished Pebble paint.

Sharing the finished results, she wrote: "Furniture and carpet in. IN LOVE."

When asked how she requested the MDF in B&Q, Becca said: "I measured the wall and worked out how many panels I wanted.

"That gave me how many strips down the way, I had to do 8cm strips as it was only 8cm between my wall and plug.

"You take the amount of strips in cm total away from the length and divide it with how many panels you want."

Speaking from experience, another member of the group added: "It's so cheap and easy to do!"

A third gushed: "This is what I want in my room!"

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